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Cranberry pearls and Napoleon cake with caviar: the Siberian Federal District at the wedding festival in the House of Russian Cuisine

Cranberry pearls and Napoleon cake with caviar: the Siberian Federal District at the wedding festival in the House of Russian Cuisine
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A large-scale wedding festival that united the whole country continues at the Exposition. You can get acquainted with gastronomic traditions of different regions in the House of Russian Cuisine. The wedding table-installation "Siberian Wedding" will be presented by the Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Tomsk regions, Altai region, the Republic of Tuva. Guests will enjoy a colorful show and unusual dishes.

TOMSK REGION, 11:00 - 13:00

Gastronomic performance "Tomsk Unites Hearts", masterclasses on cooking wedding dishes:

— Baked piglet with bulgur porridge.

— Siberian pike stuffed with mushrooms and taiga berry sauce, Anton Avramchuk, chef of the legendary restaurant "Slavyansky Bazar" ("Slavic Bazaar"), Tomsk.

— Siberian wedding dessert — honey dessert with sour cream mousse, with lingonberry marmalade, pine nut and marshmallow on stewed apples, Karina Shadrina, founder and head of the School of confectioners "Sweet Fairy", Tomsk.

The program also includes: honoring of newlyweds of the Tomsk region, creative performances and tasting of Russian national drinks "Siberian Berry".


Gastronomic performance "Siberian Wedding", masterclasses on preparation of dishes of the Russian wedding table:

— Duck noodles.

— Terenkul okroshka soup with meat jelly (holodets).

— Siberian kurnik pie with goose;

— Barley porridge and drink from dried fruits, Julia Litvinenko, founder and head of the project #CHEFANDFARMER, Novosibirsk.

ALTAI REGION, 14:30 - 16:00

Gastronomic performance "Wedding in Altai", host Yulia Pokhomova

Goose baked with apples, Andrei Mytnik, brand-chef of the Altai region corner "Altai-Meat" in the House of Russian Cuisine;

Musical part:

People's amateur collective of the Altai region, folklore ensemble "Arrow" will show numbers that were recorded in expeditions in Altai. The collective works under the live accompaniment of bayan and squeezebox.

IRKUTSK REGION, 16:00 - 18:00

Gastronomic performance "Wedding on Baikal". Masterclass on cooking wedding dishes from Kurbatov restaurant, Irkutsk:

— Napoleon cake with omul caviar.

— Venison with baked beet gratin and white mushrooms.

Tasting of wedding dishes from Kurbatov restaurant:

— Cranberry pearls (complimentary).

— Hot smoked omul pate.

— "Angara Heart" cream made of cedar milk with soaked lingonberries

Pavel Ivolga, chef, Andrei Mikushin, sous-chef, Dmitry Akimov, sous-chef.

Musical and ritual performance. Reconstruction of youth gatherings on the eve of the wedding of the old inhabitants of the Western Prichudye performed by the folk ensemble of the Obereg Irkutsk Regional House of Folk Art.

REPUBLIC OF TUVA, 18:00 - 19:00

Traditional dishes of Tuvan cuisine on the table-installation "Tuvan Wedding": 

— Tөsh — brisket of small horned cattle boiled in water/bouillon.

— Uzha — boiled lower part of the carcass of a sheep (cut, generously capturing the meat from the thighs; when properly cut together with the curd, six dorsal vertebrae will remain), it is boiled in a large amount of water.

— Izig khan is a complex blood-based product, prepared using different kinds of guts. This includes deeskinchek, a blood sausage in the colon-labyrinth. It is served together with such dishes as tөsh and chөreme (part of the liver of small cattle, "liver plait").

— Izhin-hyryn — finely chopped mutton liver, seasoned with onion and garlic. Served fried or boiled.

— Sogazha — roast liver under visceral fat, a popular and favorite dish in Tuva.

— Boiled meat: charyn (boiled shoulder blade of ram's front leg), boot (ram's hind legs).

— Hoorgan eegi (eegiler) — ribs, fried in melted butter (sarzhag) in medium sized pieces.

— Dairy products: bishtak (cheese), өreme (sour cream), chөkpek.

— Grain dishes: chinge-taraa (millet cooked in a special technology), dalgan (flour made from roasted barley or wheat).

— Bread festive treats: boorzak and boova, khoorgan/byzhyrgan dalgan, huuzhuury.

— Sүttүr shai (tea with milk) — green tea with added milk and salt

— Manchy (dumplings).

May 14, 11:00 - 19:00, House of Russian Cuisine

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