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The largest mass wedding ceremony took place at the RUSSIA EXPO

The largest mass wedding ceremony took place at the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Anatoly Medved/RIA News

151 couples from all over the country took part in the wedding ceremony at the All-Russian Wedding Festival at the RUSSIA EXPO. Before the official registration of the marriage, the future newlyweds together with accordionists, animators, circus artists and a gypsy music ensemble marched through the Exposition in a festive procession. The Moscow Government is the general partner of the festival.

"Today there is a big festive holiday at the Exposition. In January, it was here that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of the Year of the Family. And today more than 300 people are simultaneously registering their marriages — 151 new families will appear. It is especially touching that the couples know the traditions and are dressed in their national costumes. For example, the bride from the Kursk region is wearing her great-great-grandmother's apron, which is more than 150 years old," said Natalia Virtuozova, Director General of the RUSSIA EXPO.

Photo: Sergey Baranov/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

Denis Kazakevich and Evgenia Kirzova, newlyweds, shared their positive emotions from participation in the Festival. The couple works for Rosatom State Corporation on the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey. They specially flew to Moscow to participate in the mass wedding ceremony.

"We had planned to hold a wedding in a smaller circle a little later. But living in another country, you understand the patriotism of your soul even more — and we wanted to hold the wedding in the heart of our country," said Evgenia Kirzova. "We are experiencing the most positive emotions, " added Denis Kazakevich.

Participation in the Festival helped young families find new friends, said Yaroslav and Sofya Mishustin from the Yaroslavl region.

Photo: Sergey Baranov/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

"We are sure that participation in the Festival is a great start to a family. More than 150 couples from all over Russia — it is very large-scale and joyful. We have already met a couple from Sakhalin — they invited us to visit. And we invited them back," said Yaroslav Mishustin.

Anton Skorokhodov and Anna Blynskaya from Orenburg are sure that the largest wedding ceremony is a remarkable event that one wants to keep in one's memory.

"We experience joy and awe. A wedding here is unusual and worth it," says Anna Blynskaya. "Such an event will be remembered by us and our relatives," Anton Skorokhodov agreed with her.

The wedding ceremony took place on the Exposition's Main Street Stage. It was continued by a festive concert featuring Polina Gagarina, Irina Dubtsova and other artists. The newlyweds were handed over the flame of the All-Russian Family Hearth “Heart of Russia”, which was lit as part of the solemn ceremony of the start of the Year of the Family with the participation of President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Sergey Baranov/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

"Since 2019, Moscow registry offices hold solemn wedding ceremonies in the most beautiful places of the city within the framework of the project of the Mayor of Moscow ‘New Addresses of Happiness’. Mansions, estates, skyscrapers are available for newlyweds. One of the unusual locations is also the site of the RUSSIA EXPO. We are always happy to offer newlyweds new formats and locations for weddings. We have already held official ceremonies on the stage of the Helikon Opera House during a performance and at the Spartak-Krasnodar football match. Moscow registry offices also have experience in conducting one-time marriage registrations, but today we held the largest wedding — 151 couples from 79 regions of the country," said the head of the Moscow Registry Office Svetlana Ukhaneva.

All-Russian Wedding Festival is held in Russia for the first time. Until May 19, couples from all federal districts of the country will get married at the Exposition, and thematic days dedicated to the stages of the wedding rite and various customs will be held. Each of them will be connected with the traditions of Russia's regions and peoples.

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