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Sport is a way of life for 100 million Russians: plans until 2030 were presented at the RUSSIA EXPO

Sport is a way of life for 100 million Russians: plans until 2030 were presented at the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA News

Vladimir Putin has set the task that by 2030 70% of citizens are regularly engaged in physical culture and sports. Now 77 million people participate in sports, and by the end of the decade this figure will reach 105 million. These figures were announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at the plenary session of the National Achievements Forum: Sport, held at the RUSSIA EXPO 

Deputy Prime Minister noted that today Russia sets the trends of the global sports movement.

"As President Vladimir Putin rightly noted at the opening ceremony of the phygital tournament "Games of the Future", our country has been and remains one of the leading sports powers of the planet, the birthplace of great athletes, victories and records. This event was closely followed by literally the whole world. About 1 billion people have watched the live broadcast of the ceremony and competitions of the Games. Everyone who watched this unique innovative show with their own eyes made a journey into the world of the future, which we are creating right now," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Dmitry Chernyshenko added that phygital - a concept invented by the President of Russia - is a contribution to the development of sports in the modern world. The phygital movement, he said, is already striding across the planet, 63 countries are developing it and holding competitions, the International Federation of Phygital Sports has been created, eight countries have expressed a desire to compete to host the next "Games of the Future".

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA News

"One of the main tasks today is to strengthen the country's sports sovereignty. For the domestic sports sphere, sanctions and external pressure have become not only a challenge, but also created opportunities for growth in a multipolar regime. This applies to both professional and mass sports. The head of state has set a goal that by 2030 70% of citizens should regularly engage in physical culture and sports. Now 77 million people take part in sports, and by the end of the decade this figure will reach 105 million. Compared to 2020, the share of people involved in sports has already increased by eight percent points," emphasized Dmitry Chernyshenko.

He noted that it is necessary for people to possess not only the desire, but also all the opportunities for systematic sports activities. For this purpose, sports infrastructure is being created across the country within the framework of the federal project "Sport is the Way of Life". From 2020 to 2023, about 450 different facilities and about 1.3 thousand GTO sites were built in the regions. And under the "Business Sprint" federal project about 200 "smart" grounds have been installed in the subjects, 97 more are planned to be opened by the end of the year. Special mention was made by Deputy Prime Minister of the construction of phygital centers. Thus, this year such a center was put into operation in Kazan, and in 2023 - in Sevastopol and in the Kemerovo region.

"The mission of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation is to form the culture and values of a healthy lifestyle as a basis for sustainable development of society and quality of life of the population, - said Oleg Matytsin - This mission is realized through providing accessible conditions for mass and children's and youth sports, modernization of infrastructure, staff training, scientific and methodological support, formation of a competitive sporting environment, raising the status of champion of Russia, development of the Spartakiad movement. Sport is one of the key elements of the social sphere, a priority of the state policy, an important part of which is the integration of interdepartmental programs," said the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA News

There is also an active digitalization of the sports sphere going on, modern tools and solutions developed in Russia are being introduced. In 2023, the federal state information system in the field of physical culture and sports, which was designed and created entirely on the "Gostech" platform using fully import-substituted components, was put into operation. The system automates processes and makes the client path more convenient for all users.

Dmitry Chernyshenko spoke about sports of the highest achievements.

"It is very important that our athletes remain competitive and keep in good shape under the changed conditions. For this purpose, on the instructions of the President, we continue to build the national sports system and hold competitions of new open formats, including international ones. And Russian athletes continue to compete on the global stage. The world sports community realizes that it is difficult to imagine large-scale events without the participation of Russian athletes. Now they participate in international competitions in eight sports. There are no restrictions in boxing, in other sports they participate in individual status. In 2023, the Russian national team took part in four international multi-sport tournaments and showed decent results," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

In addition, the number of international competitions held in Russia is growing - if in 2020 there were only 110 of them, last year their number amounted to 362. A landmark event was the International Festival of University Sports in Yekaterinburg, as well as large competitions Children of Asia, Children of Primorye, the Games of Deaflympians and the Games of Paralympians "We are Together. Sport."

Deputy Prime Minister also announced a number of sporting events to be held in Russia in 2024, including the BRICS Sports Games in 29 sports in an open format, the International Silk Road Rally on the route Russia - Mongolia - China, the World Friendship Games in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Minsk.

Dmitry Chernyshenko expressed confidence that Russia will host these and other international competitions at the highest level - as it is capable of doing. He also noted that sport should remain out of politics and promised to welcome all athletes to fair competitions of open formats.

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