Omsk region

The Omsk region is a subject of the Russian Federation in the southwest of Siberia, part of the Siberian Federal District and the West Siberian Economic Region. It borders on Kazakhstan in the south, the Tyumen region in the west and north, the Novosibirsk region in the east and the Tomsk region in the northeast.

The territory is 141,140 km², which is 0.82% of the area of Russia.
On the site of the Omsk region there is an interactive art object of the Russian Angara-A5 launch vehicle. It's digital inside. Anyone who dares to enter the rocket will be able to travel through the area's iconic landmarks. Guests of the Omsk exposition will be able to communicate with world-famous athletes. The stand presents the awards of Omsk Olympic athletes. There will also be autograph sessions. It will be possible to check your force of impact right at the spot thanks to a special simulator.
The highlight of our stand is the work of Omsk “Levsha” (“Lefty”) – microminiaturist Anatoly Konenko. Among the unique exhibits there is a microminiature model of the Angara rocket in the eye of a needle. Even the youngest visitors will not be left out; they will be able to take part in excavations and find unusual artifacts in the kinetic sand. The region's stand is decorated not just with modern objects, but also with artifacts found in the north of the Omsk region. Thus, bone carver Nikolai Peristov will present his work “Omsk Fortress” at the exposition. Its parts are made of small pieces of mammoth tusk of different colors.
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Audio Guides

Аудиогид Омской области
10 minutes 40 seconds
Аудиогид Омской области
My name is Sergei Chonishvili. I am a Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film dubbing expert, announcer, TV host and writer. A Merited Artist of the Russian Federation. I have been an official voice of the STS TV-channel since summer 1998. My father, Nozheri Chonishvili, is an RSFSR National Artist, and the Omsk Actor’s House is named after him. My mother, Valeria Prokop, is a Russian National Artist and actress in Omsk Academic Drama Theater. We are inviting you to learn more about Omsk – a city of hard-workers and dreamers, a city with a strong character! Omsk region is a “gateway to Siberia”. The main advantage of our region is that it extends 600 kilometers from South to North, so tourists have a unique opportunity to discover vast steppes and travel up to the actual taiga. The region has a number of natural resources: 4240 rivers, lots of lakes and water reservoirs including the saltwater ones, the northernmost stopover site for Dalmatian pelicans and one-of-its-kind plantings of carvel pines in the North. Omsk region houses 10 cultural heritage sites of federal significance, the oldest city within the boundaries of the current Siberian Federal District, numerous archaeology and paleontology centers as well as best and largest theaters and museums in Siberia. For instance, in 2024, the oldest Omsk State Academic Drama Theater will celebrate 150th anniversary! The administrative center of the region, Omsk, is a city of two fortresses and its history is inextricably linked with the glorious conquests of the Russian Empire in the East. So diverse and unique, Omsk has seen its roles and credentials changed, while strengthening its strategic significance in the continent: starting with being the center of West Siberian governor-generalship and subsequently Steppe governor-generalship and growing into the major economic center in the end of 19th-beginning of 20th centuries that attracted notable merchant dynasties; from the Third capital of Russia to the cultural capital of modern Siberia. You will not have any problems looking for the Omsk stand since it is located just next to a big art-object in a shape of a real-size fragment of the Angara-A5 rocket. You can walk inside, where a 3D capsule is installed so you can feel a rocket launch and experience what it is like to be an astronaut. Behind this art-object is the Omsk region stand “For Omsk, the Universe is the limit”. Here, a scaled-down copy of the Angara rocket is presented, and the rockets are assembled by Omsk specialists. The Angara rockets are the state-of-the-art modular type launch vehicles with varying payload capacities belonging to a family of eco-friendly launchers of various types. Angara was firstly launched successfully in 2014. It is expected that 10 such rockets will be produced in Omsk annually. A modern media screen at the Omsk region stand shows a series of pictures of the region’s achievements thus visually demonstrating local beauties to the exhibition guests. Omsk has been around for more than three hundred years, at one point it used to be one of the major cities of the Russian Empire. The architectural heritage of merchantry and the history of White Movement is carefully preserved in the historical center of the city. Nowadays, Omsk proudly holds a status of the “cultural capital of Siberia”: 7 state- and 32 municipal museums present their collections here, some of which are the Hermitage-Siberia Center – the third branch of the State Hermitage Museum in Russia and the first one beyond the Urals; the best in Siberia Omsk Drama Theater, winner of 8 Golden Masks, welcomes spectators to enjoy the plays. Omsk is a City of Labor Valor, a real gem for true lovers and knowers of Russian history. The entrance to the stand is on the left from the Market. Welcome to the cozy corner of Omsk region! At the entrance, you can see a model of G-Drive Arena – the most modern and hi-tech Arena in Russia that is a home rink for Avangard team. The hockey club was founded in Omsk and is a Kontinental Hockey League member. In 2004, Avangard won Russian Championship, then KHL Continental Cup in 2011 and Gagarin Cup in 2021. The columns located on both sides from the Arena further emphasize the significance of space history. It is Omsk region that sets the stage for the future of Russian space industry. To the right from Arena, you can find a Professional Punch Force Measuring Device from Alexander Shlemenko’s Storm School of Martial Arts. Don’t be shy – go ahead and try yourself. Did you know that Omsk region is a homeland for famous champions? Viktor Blinov, a Soviet hockey player, 1968 Olympiad champion, winner of World and European Championships; Sergei Kalinin, 2018 Olympic champion, Alexander Volkov, XXIV Summer Olympics champion in basketball; Aleksey Tishchenko, two-times Olympic champion in boxing in 2004 and 2008; Evgeniya Kanaeva, two-times Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics in 2008 and 2012; Vitalina Batsarashkina, two-times Olympic champion in shooting in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Moving further in, we can see unique works by the “Siberian Lefty” – a microminiature painter Anatoly Konenko. The Omsk handyman is capable of fitting an entire world in a couple of millimeters of space. An exhibition of a series of miniature books and miniatures uncovering the symbols of Siberia and Russia is presented in the Omsk region stand. Omsk region is also a homeland for prominent artists, actors, writers, poets and composers. Omsk brought to the world Mikhail Vrubel, a famous Russian painter; Kondratiy Belov, a Siberian painter and sculptor, an RSFSR National Artist; Aleksey Liberov, an RSFSR National Artist, pastel painter. Also coming from Omsk are Vissarion Shebalin, a Soviet composer, music teacher and professor; Lyubov Polishchuk, a Soviet and Russian film and theater actress, Russian National Artist. In Tara, Northern Drama Theater and Cultural Development Center are named after Mikhail Ulianov, an Omsk native, Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film director, teacher, social activist, USSR National Artist. And Omsk-Tsentralny International Airport is named after Dmitry Karbyshev, a Soviet and Russian fortifier, he is among the best Soviet scientists and military engineer. One of the most famous Omsk writers, Leonid Martynov, the “air frigates captain” was not only a poet and prose writer, but journalist and publicist, too. To the right, the most precious guests of Omsk region stand – kids – can experience something truly enticing yet informative. Here we have an archaeological sand pool where you can dig and find ancient culture items. By the way, the Ust-Ishim man remains were discovered in Omsk region – that man lived 45,000 years ago and he is one of the earliest Homo Sapiens representative. Look around, and you will see a treasure chest. Those who take part in the “Kolchak’s Gold” quest, manage to solve interactive tasks and collect a set of keys, can use them to open the chest with lost treasures. Go ahead and find the keys! They are hidden around the premises of the 75B pavilion. Feeling tired? No problem! You are welcome to unwind in a specially organized lounge area where you can charge your phones and enjoy unique views of Omsk region.

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Pavilion 75 . #People_changing_country/ Regions of Russia / We are the Far East


Expo News
New Year tree of the Omsk region: cozy mittens and a map in patchwork technique

The region’s fir tree at VDNH is decorated with cozy tenderness by knitted mittens by Marina Drozdova, a master of ornamental art knitting. She is famous for her ethnographic author’s collections of mittens.

Expo News
Record-breaking strength and jewelry work: the Omsk region at the RUSSIA EXPO

Visitors to the International RUSSIA EXPO witnessed the creation of the smallest replica of the Angara rocket and the world record of a Russian bogatyr. 

Expo News
Sergey Chonishvili will become an Omsk ambassador at the RUSSIA EXPO

Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Chonishvili will become an ambassador of the Omsk region at the International RUSSIA EXPO.

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