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The RUSSIA EXPO visitors talk about the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly

The RUSSIA EXPO visitors talk about the President’s Address to the Federal Assembly
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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin delivered his annual Address to the Federal Assembly. The event took place in the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow and was attended by members of the Government of the Russian Federation, deputies of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council, members of the public and military personnel.

The Address was broadcast, among other venues, at the International RUSSIA EXPO. Hundreds of people - guests, employees and volunteers of the Exposition  watched the President's Address in the large conference hall of Pavilion No. 75 of VDNH.

Vladimir Putin spoke in detail about the main indicators of social and economic development of our country and the challenges ahead. The President made a number of important statements, including the launch of new national projects "Family", "Long and Active Life", "Youth of Russia", "Human Resources" and "Data Economy".

"Dreams, accomplishments of our ancestors, older generations have become achievable, and we are proud of these achievements. The aspirations of the current, younger generation will determine the country's future. Its formation, its successes, life guidelines that will pass any test of strength are the most important pledge and guarantee of Russia's sovereignty, the continuation of our history," Vladimir Putin said.

The President instructed to extend the program of preferential family mortgages until 2030, modernize the tax system, prepare and launch a new program for the resettlement of emergency housing, and also announced preferential mortgages in a number of regions for participants of the SMO.

Emphasizing the importance of preserving traditional values and passing them on to the next generation, Vladimir Putin noted the significance of the RUSSIA EXPO work.

"Dear friends, colleagues, I am sure: many people have visited the RUSSIA EXPO. People come here to see for themselves, to show their children how rich and vast our Motherland is. The RUSSIA EXPO launched the Year of the Family. The values of love, mutual support and trust are passed on in the family from generation to generation, just like culture, traditions, history and moral foundations," he emphasized.

The proposals voiced by the President of the country Vladimir Putin during his Address to the Federal Assembly are extremely important and affect future generations. This opinion was expressed by the guests of the International RUSSIA EXPO after listening to the message.

In particular, one of the Exposition guests, Vladimir Sokolov, emphasized the importance of the "Family" national project, the creation of which was announced by the head of state. According to him, it will increase the welfare of the country as a whole.

"Well-being in a family means healthy children, it means growth of the region's welfare, it means highly qualified labor force. Everything is interconnected here  support for families, support for education, support for healthcare. Today, the President said that this is a holistic, integrated system that, in principle, allows us to make great strides forward. This is a proposal for a long-term program of projects that the head of state has already announced in previous addresses. It is very good that this policy continues and is clearly supported by the Government and, first of all, by the President," emphasized Vladimir Sokolov.

Olga Medvedeva from Tula believes that the state building begins with the family. According to her, children brought up in them will shape our country in the future.

"It is important to bring up patriotism in the family, it is important to support the birth of families, because this is our future, this is our labor force. These are our scientists, medics, these are our educators, cultural workers. This is the generation that will work for the prosperity of our Motherland, for the strengthening of defence capabilities, for our state to become even more civilized, developed, strong and powerful. That is why everything begins with the family. And the most important thing in our country is to solve the demographic problem, because we have fallen into a demographic slump, and focusing on a strong family with many children is, I believe, the right direction of state policy," Olga Medvedeva emphasized.

Speaking about Vladimir Putin's initiative to build a total of at least 150 additional schools and more than 100 kindergartens, Arsen Galin, chief power engineer at Sibintek, noted that Russia's future depends on it.

"Because what matters to us, to Russia, is the people who will stay after us  they are paramount.  It is important to pass on to our future generations all the knowledge, traditions and values. They will continue our lineage," Arsen Galin emphasized.

Evgeny Kuchinsky from the Altai region believes that the President is setting the right vector for the development of the state. In particular, it concerns the development of small and medium-sized businesses - Vladimir Putin proposed to soften the tax regime for them and develop industrial parks.

"These proposals will undoubtedly become an element that will further improve the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and make tax regimes more comfortable, thus making it possible to sufficiently legalize labor relations, increase tax revenues to the budget system of our country, thus making our state even better," said Evgeny Kuchinsky.

The construction of new roads and airports will also give additional development to the economy, he believes. It will strengthen ties between different companies within the country  thus making Russia more independent.

"Everything that our President says is the right thing to do and the vector that he is setting today, including on increasing production, is, of course, more than to provide only jobs: this includes food, industrial goods, the aviation industry and much more. This will not only allow our economy to grow at a faster pace, but it will also bring tax revenues to the budget. And this is, of course, an increase in incomes of the population and the provision of social guarantees by the state, which it currently fulfills," he concluded.

Speaking about Vladimir Putin's proposal to create conditions for SMO participants to switch to civil service, Alexei Nemytov from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area emphasized that they have the right qualities.

"I am a public official myself. I will say that if a person has strong-willed qualities and knows how to properly organize the process, they belong in the civil service. First of all, it is organizational skills, the ability to patiently do your job, because civil service is really a nervous job," said Alexei Nemytov.

The production development program proposed by the President will give the country new jobs, said Maksym Zhukov from Kherson. In addition, it will make many types of goods more accessible to people.

"The import substitution strategy is impossible without creating our own industry. I myself am from the Kherson region, and I hope the programs that will be opened there, I mean industry, factories  they will allow the region to live. Before returning to Russia, nothing was developed there, everything was plundered. People lived only to support some other regions and someone else's interests," Maxim Zhukov noted.

Nikolai Ivanenko, an employee of the Volgograd region stand, called Vladimir Putin's decision to allow retaking the USE in one subject for admission to a higher education institution in the year of writing the exam fair and necessary. According to him, this will open new prospects for school graduates.

"A lot of kids do not have the opportunity to enroll in the specialties they have long dreamed of, in which they may turn out to be competent, just because they got the wrong option or maybe the atmosphere was too heavy, because I saw with my own eyes how during the exams girls almost faint literally in packs. Of course, in such an atmosphere, taking exams can be impossible, it seems to me. That is why I think it is the right idea to allow to rewrite it in the future, to give people a second chance," said Nikolai Ivanenko.

The International RUSSIA EXPO is the most important achievements of the country gathered in one place. Throughout the Exposition, cultural events, a rich business and educational program await the guests. The expositions of 89 Russian regions, leading federal agencies, corporations and public organizations are presented to the visitors. More than 7 million people have already visited the Exposition. The International RUSSIA EXPO takes place at VDNH in Moscow from November 4 to July 8.

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