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The eight millionth visitor to the RUSSIA EXPO attended a match of the Russian national football team

The eight millionth visitor to the RUSSIA EXPO attended a match of the Russian national football team
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Photo: Dmitry Marakasov, RFU

Fourteen-year-old Vadim Leizer, who became the eight millionth visitor to the International RUSSIA EXPO, attended a friendly football match between Russia and Serbia with his parents and younger brother. The family flew to the event from Tyumen.

A gift for the anniversary visitor was prepared by the ANO «Directorate of the Exhibition of Achievements "Russia"» and the Russian Football Union. The Leizer family received a certificate for seats in the stadium's VIP lounge, transportation to Moscow and three-day stay in the capital. A tour was held for the family, and famous football players Dmitry Sychev and Fyodor Kudryashov presented Vadim and his younger brother with two sets of personalized uniforms of the Russian national team with autographs of the players.

"We enjoyed it very much, especially to see the football stars. We were very happy when our names were called out to the whole stadium. We were given name T-shirts, but we will not play in them, we'll put them under the glass as a memento. Thank you very much," Vadim Leizer shared his emotions.

Vadim has been playing football since he was four years old and even managed to play in Germany, where he was born and lived with his family before returning to Russia. On March 6, the jubilee guest was congratulated by Alexei Smertin, head of the project office of sustainable development and social responsibility of the Russian Football Union (RFU), former captain of the Russian national football team, as well as Pavel Pogrebnyak, a famous Russian footballer, UEFA Cup and Super Cup winner.

"We did not expect to receive such a gift. We express our family's gratitude for these inexpressible emotions to the RUSSIA EXPO Directorate and the Russian Football Union. We are grateful to everyone who took part in the organization, came up with such a gift and makes the dreams of ordinary people come true," said Vadim's father Pavel Leizer.

Each of the exposition's anniversary visitors has already received a valuable prize. On March 20, the exposition welcomed its nine millionth guest. It was nine-year-old Andrei Batorov. He together with his sister and parents will travel to Baikal accompanied by experienced guides. The seven millionth guest Alexei Maximov from Volzhsky, Volgograd region, who visited the exposition on February 22, received a family trip along the "Energy of Ladoga" route. And the six millionth guest Dmitry Yershov, who crossed the threshold of the exposition on February 4, received a trip to Salekhard for the main holiday of the peoples of the North — Reindeer Herder's Day.

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The page of the Future in Flowers festival has been opened on the RUSSIA EXPO website
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The end of the wedding festival, a masterclass in folk painting and an opera concert. Events to visit at the RUSSIA EXPO on May 19

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