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Lipetsk region

The Lipetsk region is one of the youngest in Russia: it is only 70 years old. This anniversary will become the main theme of the exposition. The stand will present economic, tourism and sports potential, achievements in the field of industry and digital technologies. Visitors to the exposition will see how an industrial-agrarian region is turning into an industrial-technological one.
The largest cities in the Lipetsk region - Lipetsk and Yelets - are the same age as the Russian capitals. Lipetsk was founded in 1703 as St. Petersburg. Peter I also stood at its origins. The city began with ironworks and mineral water, which, according to legend, was to the tsar’s taste. Nowadays the modern building of the Lipetsk well room adorns the oldest park in the city - Nizhny.
Ancient Yelets is a year older than Moscow. Bunin and Paustovsky walked along its streets, the famous composer Tikhon Khrennikov was born here, and Yelets lace and accordion are famous all over the world. The ancient city of Lebedyan is called the apple capital of the Black Earth Region, and the local enterprise became the first producer of organic apples in Russia.
The Lipetsk region is the only region in Russia where every district has a swimming pool. The region also has the country's first electric vehicle plant, Russia's largest steel production plant and the country's best SEZ (Special Economic Zone). Every year the region hosts the largest international festival of historical reconstruction “Rusborg”.
Photo: IP Golovchenko
Photo: IP Golovchenko
Photo: IP Golovchenko
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