04.11.2023–08.07.2024 MOSCOW, VDNH


The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

"Feel Russia": an exposition about traveling around the country in the format of full immersion - it allows to hear, see and touch the most interesting things.
The exposition "Feel Russia" invites you to a grand journey around the country. Interactive photo zones are complemented by expressive sounds, aromas and interesting objects. You will learn about new formats of tourist trips and visit unique places, while the participating regions will present their brightest events and impressive routes. Master classes, quests, excursions, contests and raffles are waiting for you!
The national project "Tourism and Hospitality Industry" is designed to make traveling in Russia more comfortable and affordable. It actively develops tourist services and infrastructure, supports organizers of new routes and recreation areas.
In the section "Sea Resorts" you will learn about the new project "Tourism.RF" - year-round tourist zones on the Russian seashores - and see a model of one of them - New Anapa.
You can get a closer look at the legendary Elbrus and take selfies in the cable car at the stand of "Caucasus.RF" - the Institute for the Development of the North Caucasus.
Lectures, meetings with famous bloggers and exciting seminars await you at the stand of "Mantera" company.
Come and plan your dream trip! We look forward to seeing you at the exposition!
Photo: Ruslan Tarasov
Photo: Ruslan Tarasov
Photo: Ruslan Tarasov
Photo: Ruslan Tarasov
Photo: Ruslan Tarasov
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Audio Guides

«Почувствуй Россию» - Введение
2 minutes 49 seconds
Большой Кавказ
3 minutes 26 seconds
Большая Волга
3 minutes 7 seconds
Дальний Восток
3 minutes 31 seconds
2 minutes 53 seconds
2 minutes 55 seconds
2 minutes 28 seconds
Большой Урал
2 minutes 46 seconds
Золотое кольцо
3 minutes 2 seconds
Юг России
2 minutes 42 seconds
Морские курорты
3 minutes 23 seconds
2 minutes 47 seconds
The Greater Caucasus
2 minutes 22 seconds
The Great Volga River
2 minutes 43 seconds
Russia’s Far East
3 minutes 30 seconds
The Baltic
2 minutes 41 seconds
2 minutes 24 seconds
The Russian North
2 minutes 35 seconds
The Great Urals
2 minutes 11 seconds
The Golden Ring of Russia
3 minutes 6 seconds
The Russian South
2 minutes 40 seconds
Sea Resorts
3 minutes 13 seconds
2 minutes 19 seconds
1. 大高加索地区
2 minutes 7 seconds
2. 大伏尔加河
2 minutes 30 seconds
3. 远东
3 minutes 18 seconds
4. 波罗的海
2 minutes 16 seconds
5. 西伯利亚
2 minutes 19 seconds
6. 北部