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Republic of Ingushetia

The Republic of Ingushetia was formed on June 4, 1992. It is located on the northern slopes of the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Range, in its central part,
The Republic of Ingushetia borders with North Ossetia and the Chechen Republic. Moreover, a part of the state border with Georgia passes through the territory of the Ingushetia.
The Republic of Ingushetia, the youngest subject of the Russian Federation, located in the center of the North Caucasus, is a "terra incognita" (unexplored land) for tourists - a mysterious land, a land of towers and legends. The capital of the republic – the city of Magas is considered to be the youngest in Russia.
The terrain of the territory is elevated, consisting of mountain ranges separated by valleys and gorges. The highest point is Table Mountain (2,993 m above sea level). The length of the Caucasus Mountains on the territory of Ingushetia is about 150 km.

Tourists come to the mountains of Ingushetia to look at relict forests, blooming alpine meadows and powerful waterfalls. Bike trails and horse riding tours pass through the valleys. People are happy to travel through the mountains on motorcycles and ATVs. Fans of paragliding, skyrunning and base jumping like to spend their vacations here. The mountains of Ingushetia, like a magnet, attract fans of tracking with backpacks and light, rock climbing and mountaineering. With its originality and grandeur, the ancient architecture of the Ingushetia has long attracted the attention of many scientists. There are about 1,500 objects of various historical and cultural monuments in Ingushetia, of which about 100 objects are specifically castle-type tower settlements.

Ingushetia ranks 37th in the Russian Federation in terms of agricultural production. The industry is represented, firstly, by the oil industry. Of the total volume of industrial production, 74.6% is accounted for by the oil complex, and the increase in production volumes is due to the growth of physical volumes of oil production and the development of oil refining. The second most important industry is food, it is based on local agricultural resources, in third place with good prospects is the construction materials industry. Also in the region there are a number of industries in different directions from brick production to tailoring and footwear craftsmanship.
Photo: Ingushetia
Photo: Ingushetia
Photo: Ingushetia
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