04.11.2023–08.07.2024 MOSCOW, VDNH



The ATOM Pavilion is an exhibition and educational complex with the largest and most up-to-date display in Russia dedicated to nuclear energy. Its total area exceeds 25,000 square meters, with a capacity of over 2,000 people simultaneously.

Admission to the pavilion stops one hour before its closing time on weekdays and one and a half hours on weekends.
The nuclear industry has been rather closed since its inception. As a result, the field has come to be perceived as something shrouded in mystery and understood only by a small circle of people. This secrecy has often led to the spread of misinformation and prejudice. Over the years, however, the industry has changed dramatically: now is the time for openness and the widespread use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Today, Rosatom is shaping the future for the next century. In addition to large-scale construction projects, the corporation is working on projects that will be of crucial importance in the near future: the development of the Northern Sea Route, the construction of unique small modular reactors that will bring electricity to the people living in the most remote corners of the world, and the Breakthrough project aimed at closing the nuclear fuel cycle.

It became clear that this topic deserved not only an exposition, but a whole center that would be able to bring together both industry representatives and all those interested in the learning process. In 2014, Rosatom announced a competition for the creation of an Atomic Energy Pavilion on the territory of VDNH. Its construction was started in November 2017. The approved architectural concept of the building became the embodiment of transparency of the industry. Panoramic 12-meter glass allowed for the creation of the maximum possible open space and visual unification of the hall and the territory of VDNH. Visitors' eyes are drawn to a seven-meter-high art object in the center of the hall that demonstrates the structure of the atom. From this installation, the guides will start the story of the pavilion and its history. Access to the ATOM Hall will always be free.
Photo: ATOM Pavilion
Photo: ATOM Pavilion
Photo: ATOM Pavilion
Photo: ATOM Pavilion
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Audio Guides

1. Путешествие начинается
35 seconds
2. Прогулка по холлу
1 minute 50 seconds
3. Как устроен «АТОМ»
1 minute 1 second
4. «Советский атомный проект»
1 minute 43 seconds
5. «Время первых»
1 minute 23 seconds
6. «Аллея знаний»
54 seconds
7. «Современная атомная промышленность»
1 minute 3 seconds
8. «Атомариум»
55 seconds
1. Путешествие начинается
2. Прогулка по холлу
3. Как устроен «АТОМ»
4. «Советский атомный проект»
5. «Время первых»
6. «Аллея знаний»
7. «Современная атомная промышленность»
8. «Атомариум»

Interesting Facts

The global leader in nuclear power engineering: NPP export, uranium mining and enrichment, fuel fabrication.
Ensuring of the national technological sovereignty: digital solutions, quantum and photonic technologies, novel materials, additive technologies.
The world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet and development of the northern sea route. Ensuring of the record-breaking amount of freight traffic.
The leader in the field of ecology: elimination of accumulated legacy and implementation of the advanced ecological solutions.
Rosatom makes people's lives better through modern technologies: radiation medicine, "smart city", electric vehicles.
How to find
Pavilion 19 . ATOM Pavilion
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вход с помощью биометрии
Для использования изображения лица (биометрии) необходимо дать согласие, для этого вы будете перенаправлены на портал «Госуслуги»
Например, в мобильном приложении «Госуслуги Биометрия» , в отделении ПАО «Банк ВТБ», на выставке в Павильоне №71
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