Krasnodar region

Kuban has always been the breadbasket of Russia, the region that feeds the entire country. The fertile region gives Russia the richest harvests. The total land area in the region is more than 7.5 million hectares.
The Krasnodar region is the backbone of the country's economy: the region is a leader in construction, industry, and transport.
Kuban has always fascinated with its beauty and diversity - people of more than 100 nationalities live here in peace!
The stand of the Krasnodar region is located on an area of 100 square meters. Its area is conventionally divided into 2 zones: interactive and informative.
Every month there is a new theme, new color, new events at the Krasnodar region stand. The name of the stage is written on the screen at the top; here you can also find out the schedule of master classes, quizzes, and announcements of celebrity performances.
In the big screen area, you can see new implemented and successfully operating projects in all sectors. Here we talk about the achievements over the past 6 years, introduce the most iconic sights and the best resort locations.
As part of the RUSSIA EXPO, photographs of tourists will decorate our stand. And at the end of winter, we will choose one representative from each of the dozens of Russian regions. We will hold a photo shoot and then place banners with their pictures on the streets of their cities. It is important for us that the resorts of the Krasnodar region will be represented not by actors or models, but by real people who vacation at our resorts and love them.
Photo: Krasnodar region
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