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Volgograd region

The Volgograd region is one of the largest regions of Russia and the largest region in the Southern Federal District of Russia, occupying 112.9 thousand square kilometers.
The Volgograd region is a fertile land located in the Great Interfluve of the Volga and Don, which amazingly combines natural wealth and cultural and historical heritage. People lived here back in the Stone Age. The Great Interfluve preserves the memory of ancient civilizations and great battles.

The modern Volgograd region began its history in 1919, when it was still called Tsaritsyn province. In 1934, the Tsaritsyn province was renamed the Stalingrad region, and later the Volgograd region. The area of the Tsaritsyn province was initially about 100 thousand square kilometers. Over time, the region expanded, while changing the national composition. Today, the Volgograd region is a vast territory in the south of Russia and is one of the most multinational regions of the country.

The largest cities in the region are: Volgograd, Volzhsky, Kamyshin, Mikhailovka, Uryupinsk, each of them unique in their own way. Small towns and villages of the Volgograd region retain the originality of the real Russian outback.

Today, the Volgograd region has powerful potential in the field of tourism and warmly welcomes guests!
Photo: ANO "CTDaIC”
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