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Vologda region

The Vologda region is a land with a unique historical and cultural heritage.

It is an industrial region, the key sectors of which are ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry, mechanical engineering, food industry.

Unique brands of the Vologda region are Vologda lace, Vologda butter, "Real Vologda product".
The Vologda region is located in the north of the European part of the country and is a part of the Northwestern Federal District.

The population is 1128.8 thousand people.
There are 860 objects of cultural heritage on the territory of the region.

The presence of unique natural resources with picturesque northern landscapes and ecologically clean areas, cultural, historical and ethnic monuments of the Russian North heritage creates conditions for the development of many types of tourism - cultural and educational, event, active, ecological, rural.

The Vologda region is one of the few Russian regions where more than 10 types of unique folk arts and crafts have been preserved.

In 2014, a unified brand of the region was developed - "The Vologda Region - the Soul of the Russian North", which reflects the spiritual ideals, cultural heritage of the Vologda region, the national character of the northern land.
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