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Days of Music and Literature, Sports Week, meeting with Dmitry Kharatyan - April 2 at the RUSSIA EXPO

Days of Music and Literature, Sports Week, meeting with Dmitry Kharatyan - April 2 at the RUSSIA EXPO
Expo News
Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova/Fotohost-RIA News agency

Guests of the RUSSIA EXPO on Tuesday, April 2, can look forward to a meeting with the first female cosmonaut in the history of manned cosmonautics Elena Kondakova, premieres, performances, lectures, masterclasses, presentations and dozens of other interesting events.

Sevastopol Sports Week

From April 2 to 7, the Sevastopol stand will host a Sports Week. Elena Gapeshina, master of sports of international class, winner of all-Russian and international boxing competitions, will act as an ambassador at the opening ceremony. Today's program includes phygital sports for the whole family, warm-up with the champion, interregional phygital tournament, phygital football championship between representatives of regional stands, boogie-woogie masterclass.

When: 10:30 - 18:30, 17:00 - 19:00

Where: Pavilion No. 75 (Hall A, Sevastopol stand), Pavilion C "Sport for Everyone".

Festival of Professions

A team of Tomsk career counselors will present career trajectories of scientific professions: "nuclear physicist engineer", "pharmacist", "biotechnologist", "design engineer", "research engineer", "chemist", "neural network developer". The program includes: a series of thematic interactives, masterclasses, a virtual walk around the operating nuclear reactor IRT-T, interactive experiments, as well as presentation of vacancies and opportunities for employment, internships, traineeships. There will also be an open dialog on how to build a career in science.

When: 10:00 - 15:30, 16:00 - 18:00

Where: Pavilion C "Family. Work. Longevity"

Practical seminar "How to Know What Ores and Objects Are Made of?"

The event "How to Know What Ores and Objects Are Made of" will be conducted by representatives of the Russian Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials named after N. M. Fedorovsky. The program includes: acquaintance with modern portable methods of substance analysis and determination of gamma-activity and magnetic susceptibility of rocks. Experts will tell about pros and cons of these methods and their application, explain the peculiarities of interpretation of the obtained results and their practical application.

When: 11:00 - 13:00

Where: Pavilion B "Prirodograd"

International Children's Book Day

A unique line of products will be presented by Tver-based Vlasta in the Department Store space. Mini-lectures by a representative of the publishing house about Pushkin will reveal the secret sides of the great classic on his 225th anniversary. The Irkutsk region will present books "Fairy Tales of Baikal" in the Department Store. Together with the publishers the guests will be able to get acquainted with the world of folk tales of the region.

New book projects will be presented to inquisitive readers: "The Big Book of Fairy Tales. 89 Fairy Tale Characters of Russia", "Tales of Baikal" with illustrations by Zorikto Dorzhiev, "Drakonych: One Head is Good and Three are Better".


11:00 - 17:00, 15:00 - 16:00

Where: Pavilion No. 75 (Hall A, Department Store space)

Performance of the play "Oleg Yeliseev's Great Journey Beyond the Upper Pain Threshold" as part of the "Voices of the Country" project

Oleg Yeliseev from Lipetsk became the hero of the performance "Oleg Yeliseev's Great Journey Beyond the Upper Pain Threshold". Oleg is a wheelchair user of the 1st group and a carrier of a rare genetic disease. At the age of 23 Oleg and his wife became parents. Due to the fact that Oleg's disease is not well studied, various regions of the country started inviting him to visit them and he got the opportunity to travel a lot. Oleg especially fell in love with the Caucasus: in 2020, he and his wife even conquered Elbrus. By his example Oleg wants to prove to people that a person adapts to everything and is the sculptor of his life. The main role in the production will be played by actor Denis Paramonov.

When: 18:00, 20:00

Where: Pavilion No. 84 "House of Culture"

Premiere screening of the movie "Stepan Erzya. Long Way Home". Registration on the website of the Museum of Cinema or RUSSIA EXPO is required

Before the screening the visitors will be presented with a creative greeting of the presentation guests from the ethnographic folklore group "Merema", the show of trailers of two films "Saving Little Lives" and "Baba-Yaga's School", the presentation of the documentary-feature film "Stepan Erzya. A Long Way Home", as well as an introduction of the film's team.

When: 14:00 - 16:30

Where: Pavilion No. 36 "Museum of Cinema". Admission by free tickets available on the museum's website or on the Exposition website.

COSMOS VS FEC: Engineers in Space and on Earth. Skills of the Future

Meeting with the first female cosmonaut in the history of manned cosmonautics Elena Kondakova and Gazprom Space Systems engineers Viktor Atapin and Mikhail Tyurin.

Elena Kondakova will talk about her professional path, engineering missions at the Mir station and life on earth after space, about engineering baggage, without which a cosmonaut will never fly anywhere, and about the knowledge that is especially valuable in space. Gazprom Space Systems engineers will talk about the work of "earthly" engineers, design and creation of spacecraft and satellites that provide us with communications and monitor the Earth.

When: 14:00 - 15:30

Where: Pavilion F Gazprom

Creative meeting with actor Dmitry Kharatyan

The program includes a presentation of Dmitry Kharatyan's creative projects in the Republic of Crimea, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea, a story about the creation and development prospects of the Festival of Children's and Family Cinema "Sunny Island", as well as live communication with the guests of the stand of the Republic.

When: 14:00

Where: Pavilion No. 75 (Hall A, stand of the Republic of Crimea)

Special concert of the Moscow Jazz Festival

The program "All Colors of Jazz" will be presented by the People's Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina and students of MGIK accompanied by Jazz Magic Band, the ensemble of the People's Artist of Russia, multi-instrumentalist David Goloshchekin and the quartet of young jazz vocalist Sandra Frakenberg will also perform.

When: 19:00

Where: Pavilion No. 75 (Hall A, Cultural Projects Zone)

Possibly interesting
Expo News
The RUSSIA EXPO announced fundraising for residents of the Belgorod region

The International RUSSIA EXPO announced the beginning of the campaign "Belgorod, Our Hearts are with You" and fundraising for residents affected by shelling. Today the residents of Belgorod region show fortitude and courageously resist all attempts to disturb the peace and tranquility.

Expo News
The page of the Future in Flowers festival has been opened on the RUSSIA EXPO website
A section dedicated to the Future in Flowers festival has been added to the RUSSIA EXPO website. From May 8, visitors will be able to find out which plants have been chosen as symbols of each of the 89 Russian regions.
Expo News
The end of the wedding festival, a masterclass in folk painting and an opera concert. Events to visit at the RUSSIA EXPO on May 19

There will be many interesting events at the RUSSIA EXPO on May 19. Guests will be able to see the finals of the All-Russian Wedding Festival, get to know about wedding traditions of the country's regions and learn wood painting. Here's a look at the events worth attending at the Exposition.

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