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The evolution of the study of the universe was discussed at the Exposition

The evolution of the study of the universe was discussed at the Exposition
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Photo: Sergey Baranov/ Press Office of the RUSSIA EXPO

On May 17, a plenary session "Technological Leadership: Space. The Evolution of the Study of the Universe” was held at the Pavilion No. 34 "Russian Space: Creating the Future" of the International RUSSIA EXPO as part of the National Priority Day.

Alexander Bloshenko, Executive Director for Advanced Programs and Science of Roscosmos State Corporation, explained the evolution of the study of the Universe to the audience. During the session, he gave an excursus on mankind's journey in discovering outer space and showed with examples how human knowledge of the world order has changed and how understanding of the laws of the universe has accelerated over the last century, when mankind managed to launch complex spacecraft and reach deep space.

"What is the purpose of studying space? To ensure sustainable life for humanity. In fact, we are facing a basic fundamental question such as the origin of life on Earth. And in turn, by striving to know the origin and laws of evolution, man can make it possible for our planet to avoid the fate of our neighbors Mars and Venus, where it is now impossible to live," said Alexander Bloshenko.

He also revealed the key achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry, emphasizing that Russia, alone is confidently moving forward and is rightfully considered a space power. Russia possesses the whole spectrum of technologies and competences necessary for independent access to space and full-fledged space exploration. This spectrum consists of the following set - its own cosmodromes and launch vehicles, global satellite constellations, manned and scientific programs, as well as a national engineering school and domestic production at all cycles. To date, only three countries in the world possess all of the above competencies and technologies.

"We can't let the brand down and we understand all the challenges we are facing. They are primarily practical, because nowadays nobody can imagine their life without space technologies - this includes communication, navigation and many more fundamental issues, which we are dealing with jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences. It should be noted here that our industry was one of the first to fall under the external sanctions. But this gave us an incentive to adapt to the situation. For example, our constellation of navigation vehicles is already independent," said the executive director of Roscosmos.

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