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Festivals, fairs and Ice Show - Holiday Days at the Russia Expo

Festivals, fairs and Ice Show - Holiday Days at the Russia Expo
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Photo: Ilya Pitalev/Fotohost-RIA News agency

Visitors to the International RUSSIA EXPO will be able to celebrate the New Year with the whole country without leaving Moscow. Every region from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka is represented at the exposition. Holiday concerts, festivals, masterclasses and even an ice show are waiting for guests at VDNH.

Ded Moroz Days

On weekends throughout December, guests of the RUSSIA EXPO can meet Ded Morozes from different regions of our country - the culture of Russia's peoples includes 18 winter wizards. Yakut Chyskhaan and Ekhee Dyyl, Chuvash Hel Muchi and Mari Yushto Kugyza, as well as other national New Year characters tell children about their traditions, outfits and magic power.

Date: December 16-17 from 11:00 to 14:00; December 23 from 11:30 to 15:00; December 24 from 12:00 to 15:00;

Venue: Main Street Stage.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/Fotohost-RIA News agency


 Fridays at VDNH

At the end of the working week, the Main Street Stage will host multi-age discos for people of all ages. Guests will hear both modern compositions and old hits in a new interpretation. At the upcoming disco on December 22, the guests will be supported by professional dancers dressed as the main character of the New Year holiday, and at the next disco the visitors will join the polar bears' dance.

 Date: December 22 and December 29 from 19:00 to 21:00;

Venue: VDNH Main Stage.



 For centuries New Year's Eve has been celebrated with fairs. Traditionally they were organized not only for selling and buying goods, but also for entertainment and socializing. Guests of the RUSSIA EXPO can personally see how pleasant it is to attend such events: they not only create a festive atmosphere, but also sell high quality goods. On the territory of VDNH in Pavilion No. 48 there is a Farmer's Fair, and in Pavilion No. 75 there is a Department Store, where the products of manufacturers from all over the country are presented.

Date: daily;

Venue: Pavilion No. 48, Pavilion No. 75.

Photo: Press Office of the RUSSIA EXPO


New Year Trees of Russia

 At the RUSSIA EXPO you can see a large number of New Year trees - the main decoration of the New Year. On the Main Alley of VDNH 90 blue spruce trees were installed, with 89 representing all regions of Russia, and one more symbolizing the RUSSIA EXPO itself. They are decorated in the national style of artistic crafts of each region. The guests will be able not only to admire the decorated trees, but also to learn more about what each part of our country is associated with. For example, on one of the Christmas trees you can find whalebone ornaments, on another - Pavloposad shawls.

 Date: daily;

Venue: Main Alley of VDNH.

Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna/Fotohost-RIA News agency


Festival of ice sculptures

Visitors to the RUSSIA EXPO will be able to see unique sculptures reflecting the significant events of the country's modern history, achievements of our compatriots in science, sports, industry and culture. Ice Kremlin, passenger airplane MC-21, high-speed train Sapsan and other impressive figures of special significance for our country will be presented at the festival. The sculptures will entertain visitors on the street space near the Main Entrance to VDNH until January 24.

Date: December 24 - January 24;

Venue: street space near the Main Entrance to VDNH.


New Year's Night at the RUSSIA EXPO

For those who like to listen to the chimes on festive squares with Russian pop stars instead of sitting at the table at home, a New Year concert will be held on the Main Stage of VDNH. It will begin on December 31 at 14 o'clock and will last until two o'clock on New Year's Eve. Zivert, Diskoteka Avariya, Gluk'oZa and other famous performers will congratulate the audience from the stage.

Date: December 31 - January 1 from 14:00 to 02:00;

Venue: Main stage of VDNH.


Ilya Averbukh's New Year ice show "The Nutcracker"

The legendary ice show "The Nutcracker" will be held at the ice rink of VDNH. The fairy tale, which is hard to imagine the New Year without, will be enriched with spectacular costumes and performed by some of the best figure skaters of Russia. It can impress not only little spectators, but also their parents, reminding them of the belief in miracles on the most magical night of the year. Princess Marie, the Mouse King and, of course, the Nutcracker himself will be waiting for the audience to tell a kind and beautiful New Year's story.

Date: December 29 - January 14;

Venue: VDNH skating rink.

Photo: Vladimir Pesnya/RIA News


Ded Moroz's Residence

Children and adults will be delighted by the presence of the main character of the winter holiday - Ded Moroz. Despite the fact that traditionally his residence is located in Veliky Ustyug, for some time it will move to the RUSSIA EXPO. The guests will enjoy thematic events, theatrical shows, greetings from the New Year wizard, and all this against the background of the most beautiful New Year trees symbolizing all regions of our country.

Date: January 3-7 from 10:00 to 22:00;

Metro venue: street space


Days of Khokhloma and Semyonovskaya Matryoshka dolls at the New Year Trees of Russia project

The New Year Trees of Russia project, aimed at popularizing the cultural heritage, folk arts and crafts of Russia, will be held for the third time. However, now the guests of the RUSSIA EXPO will have an opportunity not only to enjoy New Year trees decorated by the best designers and florists of the country, but also to learn some of the secrets of their craftsmanship. On the Khokhloma Day, visitors can attend a masterclass on Khokhloma painting, watch a documentary on Golden Khokhloma and attend a lecture on its history and present. Another thematic Day will be dedicated to the Semyonovskaya Matryoshka doll. It will include masterclasses on painting one of the symbols of Russia and other wooden items, screening of a documentary film and a creative meeting with the artist.

Date: Khokhloma Day on January 3-4 from 11:00 to 18:00;

Semyonovskaya Matryoshka doll Day January 6-7 from 11:00 to 18:00;

Venue: Cultural Projects Zone.

Photo: Pavel Bednyakov/Fotohost-RIA News agency


Russian Winter Festival

At the Russian Winter festival adults and children will be able to fulfill their most incredible dreams, for example, to ride on a Russian stove like Emelya from the fairy tale By Pike's Will. Guests of the RUSSIA EXPO will see the meeting of winter in the best national traditions and images of Russian fairy tales, which will emphasize the unity of the peoples of our large country. They will also be able to take part in various activities to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the winter holiday.

Date: January 3-8;

Venue: equestrian club


Ded Moroz Parade

There is no such thing as too many fairy tale characters on New Year's Eve. You can make sure of it at the RUSSIA EXPO by visiting the parade of the main characters of the winter holiday. Due to the national diversity of our country, not only the familiar Ded Moroz and Snegurochka will take part in it, but also those who congratulate children in different regions of Russia - Kysh Babai, Tol Babai and others. Holiday melodies will be performed in the New Year procession, and the belonging of a certain Grandfather Frost to a region will be reflected in the design of his suitcase, with which he travels around the country.

Date: December 26-31; January 3-8; January 13-14;

Venue: street space of VDNH.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/Fotohost-RIA News agency


Masterclasses in Department Store

Department Store invites guests of the Exposition to masterclasses. On December 20, visitors will be able to create a unique New Year tree toy from merino wool with the help of masters from the Pskov region. The next day, the Golden Thread of Pomorye company will present outfits with unique hand embroidery - goldwork - and teach everyone interested in this skill. On December 27 - the Day of the Tula Region - a craftswoman from this region will show the guests of the Exposition the technique of creating unique Belev lace. The class will end with a tasting of Belev pastila. The guests of the Exposition will also get acquainted with the process of making Tula gingerbread.

Date: December 20; December 21; December 27;

Venue: Department Store, Pavilion No. 75.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/Fotohost-RIA News agency


New Year collection of Russian fashion brands and gifts at Department Store

On December 20, the stand of Russian fashion brands will present a new New Year collection of the best designers. Visitors can see various collaborations and visualization of New Year outfits. And on December 26, consultants of the Department Store will help you choose the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest for the New Year. Cosmetics, porcelain, ceramics, textiles, handmade souvenirs from all over Russia will be available for the guests of the RUSSIA EXPO.

Date: December 20; December 26;

Venue: Pavilion No. 75.

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/Fotohost-RIA News agency


The International RUSSIA EXPO is the most important achievements of the country gathered in one place. Throughout the entire time of the exposition, guests can look forward to cultural and entertainment events, a rich business and educational program. The expositions of 89 Russian regions, leading federal departments, corporations and public organizations are presented to the visitors. 

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