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Final day of the RUSSIA EXPO ended with a grand gala concert

Final day of the RUSSIA EXPO ended with a grand gala concert
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Photo: Ivan Semenets/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

On July 8, the final day of the International RUSSIA EXPO, the Main Street Stage hosted a gala concert "We Are Millions". It was dedicated to the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, as well as the last day of work of the main platform of the country, which for more than eight months demonstrated to the world the main achievements, rich culture, history, traditions and attractions of all 89 regions. The large-scale program organized by the Exposition in cooperation with the Movement of the First featured the best artists and creative groups, and the headliners were Tatiana Kurtukova, The Hatters band, rap singer ST, singer, composer and TV presenter Mark Tishman and other performers.

One of the brightest and most memorable moments of the event was the ceremony of transferring the "Capsule of Dreams" to the International Space Station. The Dream Capsule campaign, during which more than five thousand children's wishes were collected at the RUSSIA EXPO, was realized by the Exposition Directorate together with Roscosmos State Corporation and the Movement of the First. To make a dream, it was enough to come to Pavilion No. 1 "First in Russia — Land of Opportunity", get a special bracelet and write or voice your wish, which at the end of the exposition was visualized by artificial intelligence and then taken into account in a special system.

Photo: Ivan Semenets/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

"Just a year ago, our interactive program "First in Russia — Land of Opportunity" was launched at the RUSSIA EXPO. Back then, we could not imagine the overwhelming response it would evoke in the hearts of children and adults. Our Pavilion’s database has recorded 876,132 dreams left by visitors. Thanks to Roscosmos, these dreams will be sent in a special capsule from the Baikonur Cosmodrome to the International Space Station. We firmly believe that the current achievements of our country are the dreams of previous generations. And we are confident that our dreams will become new breakthroughs in science and technology, culture and sports, economy, and social activities. Together, we will make our dreams a reality!" said Grigory Gurov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth "Movement of the First".

The ceremony ended with a united flash mob of artists, dancers and spectators to the song "Beautiful Far Away".

"It is symbolic that on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, the last day of the Exposition, we pass children's dreams to our famous cosmonaut, our hero - Sergei Krikalev. These dreams were collected by the whole Exposition, and they will go into space, will be closer to the stars, and therefore will definitely come true. Children's wishes should come true, because Russia is a country of opportunities. All those achievements that we showed at the Exposition were once someone's dream. And now they are our reality. So dream, dare, be confident in yourself and everything will come true!" — said Anastasia Zvyagina, Deputy Director General of the RUSSIA EXPO.

"I am confident that the dreams contained in this capsule will undoubtedly become reality because they are being sent into space. Therefore, I would like to encourage all the kids: keep dreaming, because if you don't dream, there will be no new projects, no new flights, and no new achievements", emphasized Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia Sergei Krikalev.

Photo: Ivan Semenets/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

The guests of the Exposition spent the evening in excellent company, being charged with positive emotions and excellent mood during all three hours of the gala concert. The best artists gave the audience the brightest vocal, instrumental, dance and even circus numbers, and the presenters surprised the audience with figures, facts and records. For example, the guests learned that more than 15 thousand business, cultural, educational and sporting events were organized here during the Exposition. The absolute majority of visitors learned something new about their country, its corporations, ministries and departments, and all these people felt proud not only of their region or industry, but also of being part of a great country.

And, of course, one of the most impressive records was the total number of visitors to the Exposition, which exceeded 18.5 million people. The Exposition was attended not only by Russian citizens but also by representatives from more than 120 countries — the CIS, Asia, the Arab world, South America, and Europe, including 2,000 participants of the World Youth Festiva.

Moreover, the Exposition brought together many loving hearts. The venue hosted the First All-Russian Wedding Festival, during which over 300 people got married simultaneously. In total, 284 couples from all over the country tied the knot at the Exposition. On January 23, 2024 — the day the President of Russia launched the Year of the Family in Russia — the symbolic flame of the All-Russian Family Hearth "Heart of Russia" was lit on the Main Street Stage. Today, it is kept in every region of Russia and has begun its journey beyond the country's borders.

One of the most touching moments of the gala concert "We Are Millions" was the closing performance: Bolshoi Theatre soloist Ksenia Dezhneva, together with a children's choir, performed the famous song "A Million Voices".

The International RUSSIA EXPO showcased the country's major achievements on a single platform. Throughout the Exposition, guests enjoyed cultural events, as well as a rich business and educational program. Expositions from 89 regions of Russia, leading federal agencies, corporations and public organizations were presented to visitors.

On July 1, President Vladimir Putin signed an order to establish the Russia National Centre to preserve the Exposition’s legacy and demonstrate the country's achievements.

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The first event of the Russia National Centre will be the International Science Fiction Symposium "Creating the Future"

The first event to be held at the Russia National Centre, which is being established by the order of President Vladimir Putin, will be the International Science Fiction Symposium and Exhibition "Creating the Future". The symposium will take place from November 4 to 6.

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"We flew for 8 hours, and it was worth it!": impressions of the guests at the RUSSIA EXPO

Tomorrow, the International RUSSIA EXPO will conclude its work. From November 2023 to July 2024, it was visited by more than 18 million guests.

Expo News
Star concerts, amazing meetings and grand processions: what the RUSSIA EXPO was like

Every day, for eight months, the RUSSIA EXPO delighted guests and gave unforgettable emotions. 

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