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Cinema in the service of the Fatherland: RUSSIA EXPO launched the International Travelling Festival

Cinema in the service of the Fatherland: RUSSIA EXPO launched the International Travelling Festival
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Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA News

The International Travelling Festival "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland" at the RUSSIA EXPO opened with an award ceremony for independent documentary filmmakers who have been telling the world about the dramatic events and feats of soldiers and civilians in Donbass for 10 years. Another highlight was the preview of the exposition of graphic portraits of Heroes of the special military operation "Coal of the Russian Land".

First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Kiriyenko congratulated everyone on the start of the International Travelling Festival of patriotic documentaries "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland", which is organized by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since this year the Festival has become international, and together with filmmakers from 30 regions of our country, directors from the Republika Srpska, Iran and Lebanon are also participating. The Festival is held in Moscow as part of the RUSSIA EXPO educational program.

"Many thanks to the project team, you are doing a very big and important work. Because every movie shot on the front line is a real truth and memory of our defenders, which remains not only in the hearts of their fighting comrades, in the hearts of all the people who knew them, but is also passed on to the next generations. And it is also very important that this is a travelling festival, which not only makes documentaries about real heroes, but also travels with them around the country, coming to student, school, and working classrooms," said Sergei Kiriyenko. 

The First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office also noted that simultaneously with the Festival a unique exposition of graphic works "Coal of the Russian Land" dedicated to fighters, doctors, rescuers - all those who today defend the Motherland and help to establish peaceful life in the new regions of the Russian Federation - is opening. The exposition presents 79 portraits painted in coal, which is one of the symbols of Donbass. The portraits were created by professional and novice artists from 15 regions of Russia, inspired by the stories of the defenders of the Fatherland. And these are not just drawings: there is a real story of feat, courage and bravery behind each portrait.

"Emotions, beliefs, pride, real patriotism are transmitted only from person to person. And that is why the work of the artists of the project "Coal of the Russian Land" is so important. Portraits, which will be presented at the RUSSIA EXPO, will be seen by hundreds of thousands of citizens of our country. Each author has put into these portraits a part of their soul, their heart, their beliefs, emotions, which always resonate with the audience, because they are real, sincere. This is fundamentally important. So, thank you very much for the work you are doing - this is also the front line, this is also a contribution to the Victory," emphasized Sergei Kiriyenko. 

Sergei Kiriyenko added that relatives of the defenders of the Fatherland, many of whom came specially to the opening of the exposition "Coal of the Russian Land", will receive copies of the portraits and will be able to take them home. Visitors of VDNH can explore the exposition until March 3.

Also, at the opening ceremony of the Festival "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland" Sergei Kiriyenko handed personal commendation letters from Russian President Vladimir Putin to documentary filmmakers who create a chronicle of events in Donbass, for their selfless work, dedication and desire to tell the world the truth about the heroism of our defenders.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA News

The awardees include director Max Fadeev from the Donetsk People's Republic, who will premiere his film "At the Edge of the Abyss" at the Festival. Natalia Batrayeva from the Krasnodar region also received an award. Her film "Donetsk Gatekeeper" was recognized all over the world. Another award went to director Valery Timoshchenko, who presents his work "Don't Shoot the Operator" at the Festival. Vladimir Agranovich, a native of Tomsk, who studied and lives in Donetsk, was also awarded. He made a documentary film "Donbass Recognized" and the first feature TV series "Mobilization". Native of Donetsk Alexandra Lazareva, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, presenter of the TV channel "Union", who won the competition for new regions "Astra" as the best interviewer, also received an award.

The International Travelling Festival of patriotic documentaries "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland" was first organized precisely one year ago, in February 2023. This year it takes place in Moscow from February 19 to 22 at several venues: as part of the RUSSIA EXPO at VDNH, at the Victory Museum, the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and the Illuzion cinema. Admission for viewers is free (12+).

"Over this year, the festival traveled to 27 regions, more than 200 universities. This is almost 150 thousand people! And this is a conversation when the heart speaks to the heart, soul to soul, when it is impossible to lie, because behind you are these creative guys who go to the front and sing. Each one of them is dear, and each one is loved! Today we close our festival, and you have the opportunity to see how we traveled these 27 regions!" said Olesya Shigina, head of the International Travelling Festival "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland", documentary filmmaker, poet, head of cultural projects of the Committee of Families of Fatherland Warriors, author of documentaries "Russian Voice", "The Brave", "The Brave. About Love", "The Brave. Sakhalin".

The main theme of the competition program is "Service to the Fatherland", the festival program is designed to bring to the audience truthful information about Russian soldiers and volunteers. Another task is to unite and promote new names in the documentary film genre and support young talents.

This year, the travelling festival "Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland" in Moscow received 60 applications from filmmakers, 35 films were accepted for participation in seven categories: "Russian Voice", "Hero of Our Time", "Anchor of Salvation", "Spirit of the Motherland", "Path to God" and "Battle Baptism" (debut film).

"Cinema in the Service of the Fatherland" is a cultural and educational project of the Committee of Families of Fatherland Warriors. The festival is co-organized by the Russian Society "Knowledge". Its partners are: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, Committee of Families of Fatherland Warriors, Cinema Fund. 

The International RUSSIA EXPO is the most important achievements of the country gathered in one place. During the whole period of the Exposition the guests are welcomed with cultural events, rich business and educational program. The expositions of 89 Russian regions, leading federal departments, corporations and public organizations are presented to the visitors. The Exposition takes place on the territory of VDNH in Moscow until July 8.

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