One million tons of grain, renovated roads and hundreds of social facilities: DPR at the RUSSIA EXPO

One million tons of grain, renovated roads and hundreds of social facilities: DPR at the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/Fotohost-RIA News agency

On the Day of the Donetsk People's Republic at the RUSSIA EXPO, the head of the region Denis Pushilin spoke about the restoration and development of the republic, which is being carried out with the participation of 27 Russian sponsor regions.

Over the past year, 39 health care facilities were restored, 149 schools, 95 kindergartens and six colleges were repaired, five digital cinema halls and the first three model libraries were opened, 37 cultural institutions were renovated.

About 1,200 kilometers of highways, ten bridges and overpasses have been restored. Two educational and production clusters, children's technology park Quantorium, two engineering centers, 15 scientific laboratories have been created.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/Fotohost-RIA News agency

"On the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Program of socio-economic development was adopted, and its implementation gives excellent results: enterprises of all sectors of the economy are being revived, social infrastructure is receiving a new impetus of development. Industrial parks and clusters are being formed, two new higher educational institutions have been opened. Excellent highways have connected Donetsk with Lugansk, Rostov-on-Don and Mariupol", - Denis Pushilin said.

In 2023, a free economic zone was established in the DPR, and 20 companies have already acquired the status of participants.

Agriculture is also developing: sown areas have been increased by 80% compared to 2015, one million tons of grain, leguminous and industrial crops have been harvested, which is almost 2-2.5 times higher than in 2015 and 2016. Production of milk, eggs, vegetables has increased.

Photo: RIA News

The region's exposition was visited by the Director General of the ANO «Directorate of the Exhibition of Achievements "Russia"» Natalia Virtuozova.

"Denis Vladimirovich, I want to thank your entire team - you were among the first to get involved in the preparation for the Exposition. And now every day at the exposition of the DPR a huge number of children from all over the country proudly watch with such curious eyes how coal is "mined" and then receive it as a gift. A lot has been said about Donbass, but for me Donbass is also millions of Donetsk roses, immaculate sandy beaches, endless steppes....

In conclusion, let me share with you a story from my life - I was in Mariupol last spring. In the port, a young lad Dmitry was excitedly telling me about his Motherland: "Look how sunny it is, look towards Berdyansk - there are such sandy beaches. Look how beautiful it is all around," and he smiled and smiled. I kept looking at him, tears came to my eyes: "Dima, why are you always smiling, why are you so happy?". He briefly replied, "Cause it's LIFE...!" We bow our heads to you for reminding us every day the value of this life - free, brave, beautiful. This is how it is in Donetsk People's Republic and in our country", — said Natalia Virtuozova, Director General of the ANO «Directorate of the Exhibition of Achievements "Russia"».

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