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Pancake Week starts at the RUSSIA EXPO — program on March 11

Pancake Week starts at the RUSSIA EXPO — program on March 11
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From 14.00 to 18.00 on the square in front of the Main Street Stage, guests will be welcomed by vareniki fights, contests "Catch a Pancake", "Cornhole", as well as Maslenitsa Mosaic, Broomball, Ringthrower. Thematic photo zones will be organized for visitors.

At 16.00 from Pavilion No. 75 a masked procession will start. The heroes of the procession will be stilt walkers, heralds, jugglers, stunt performers, musicians, animators with tambourines in designer costumes, as well as a bear and its master - a man with a balalaika in an earflap hat and national costume. The procession will be headed by a straw effigy of Maslenitsa, which will be carried by jesters.

The final chord of the street procession will be the theatrical performance on the Main Street Stage, which will tell about the omens, traditions and rituals of this day.

At 17:00 - 17:35 on the Main Street Stage the guests will see the theatricalized performance "Freckles". The performers will appear as Sun, Moon, North Wind, Winter and Spring. Two storytellers - Freckles - will tell a story about Maslenitsa Week. The spectators of the performance will become its co-authors.

And after the performance the artists of the ensemble of choral and folk singing "Lubo Milo" under the direction of Ekaterina and Vladimir Brinchugovs will take the stage.

Pancake science!

Themed interactive program "Pancake science!" will open the Pancake Week in the Atom pavilion. Guests of the pavilion will learn how Maslenitsa (or Shrovetide) is celebrated in atomic cities and what "Zaigrashi" is. The program includes a Maslenitsa circus, anyone can become a musician of the Russian folk orchestra, learn to lead a round dance "Tangled". Everyone will be able to take part in scientific and educational masterclasses and look at the process of cooking pancakes through the eyes of a scientist.

17:00 - 19:00

Atom pavilion


Pancake concert program will be presented by Novgorod folklore theater "Kudesy" - musicians, singers, actors, modern keepers of traditional folk culture of the Novgorod land.


Pavilion No. 75

Russia - my Motherland!

Students of the Faculty of Musical Art of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, Department of Solo Folk and Department of Folk Instruments will perform a concert "Russia - My Motherland!". Famous compositions, Russian folk songs, instrumental works for bayan, domra, balalaika will be performed at the concert.

18:00 - 19:00

Pavilion D "Our Culture" (Ministry of Culture of Russia)

Possibly interesting
Expo News
The RUSSIA EXPO announced fundraising for residents of the Belgorod region

The International RUSSIA EXPO announced the beginning of the campaign "Belgorod, Our Hearts are with You" and fundraising for residents affected by shelling. Today the residents of Belgorod region show fortitude and courageously resist all attempts to disturb the peace and tranquility.

Expo News
The "Future in Flowers" festival awaits you at the RUSSIA EXPO

More than 100 million flowers, over a hundred floral expositions of regions, departments and state corporations, unique floral art objects are waiting for guests of the RUSSIA EXPO at the "Future in Flowers" festival. 

Expo News
Flash mob, exercise with the champion and stars on the red carpet — May 23 at the RUSSIA EXPO
A lot of interesting events await the guests of the RUSSIA EXPO on May 23.
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