04.11.2023–08.07.2024 MOSCOW, VDNH


About two thousand foreign participants of the World Youth Festival visited the RUSSIA EXPO

About two thousand foreign participants of the World Youth Festival visited the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Alexey Nikolsky/RIA News

On March 10 and 11, a delegation of foreign participants of the World Youth Festival visited the International RUSSIA EXPO. About two thousand young activists from 147 countries came to VDNH to see live the best examples of cultural, industrial and scientific achievements of Russia. On March 15, they plan to visit the Exposition again.

Anastasia Zvyagina, Deputy Director General of the RUSSIA EXPO, talked to the guests and conducted a tour of the regional stands. She emphasized that the Exposition serves as a starting point for the participants of the World Youth Festival, who will visit more than 30 cities of Russia in the coming weeks.

"The Exposition is open to everyone, we are happy to receive all guests and are always ready to give them a warm welcome. Now, when the festival participants go to our regions, the starting point for them is our Exposition - this is where the achievements of our country are gathered. And here, in Pavilion No. 75, our guests can learn not only about the achievements, but also about the diversity of cultures of the peoples of Russia, learn about the history and traditions of our regions," said Anastasia Zvyagina.

Eva Kauba, one of the young activists from France, said she was impressed by the diversity of technologies, cultures and traditions of Russia she saw at the Exposition.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

 "I am from France, I am 22 years old. I saw at the Exposition that Russia is a highly advanced country. I saw many technologies representing this country. I want to learn more about every opportunity that Russia gives to its citizens. We are impressed that there are different technologies, different cultures, different traditions. I got the opportunity to learn about Russia in one place. And I like that I can quickly 'move' to any region," said Eva Kauba.

The exposition of Russia's regions was of particular interest to the guests - the participants of the World Youth Festival appreciated the diversity of approaches to the design of stands and the richness of their content. Excursions for them were conducted by guides of the Rosmolodezh program "More than a Trip", which now includes 13 excursion routes around the RUSSIA EXPO. In Pavilion No. 75, guests also got a glimpse into Moscow's space, and were told about the historical milestones of the Russian capital and the achievements of the modern metropolis - innovative transport, comfortable green environment, digital medicine, rich cultural life, smart technologies, and creative industries. So, the foreign guests of WYF-2024 were able to get to know Moscow better.

"There are a lot of impressions, as so many sights and cultures of the Russian Federation are gathered in one place. It is very useful, as we can get acquainted with all regions here, with other views, with traditions, with clothes of different nationalities. For me personally, as a history teacher, it is very, very informative. It was important to learn how minerals are extracted in the Sakha Republic and Kamchatka. It was very, very informative," said Faridun Mukhsunzode from the Republic of Tajikistan.

The guests were also charmed by the mentality, hospitality and friendliness of Russia and the way it was reflected in the expositions. For example, 23-year-old Ikbol Kadyrov from Tajikistan noted: "Russian people are very nice, we have found many friends among them".

The variety of national attributes presented at the Exposition came as a surprise to many foreign guests.

Photo: Alexey Nikolsky/RIA News

"I am really amazed and surprised by Russia itself and its size, because it is the biggest country in the world. And I was also struck by the fact that so many nationalities live on the territory of Russia and each nationality has its own traditions, its own languages, its own customs and it is all presented here at the Exposition. I saw it all," Chinese Zhou Wei could not hide her surprise.

Alexander from Serbia agreed with the girl's opinion: "The Exposition is very interesting. It reminds me of the Expo in Dubai. It is very beautiful, there are many different pavilions, you can see the cold Yamal and warm regions, it is all very lovely. I can't describe all the emotions, but I think that the Exposition conveys well the multiculturalism of Russia. There are so many people here, so many emotions, so many times are represented".

As some of the foreign activists who attended the tour noted, one day at the Exposition is not enough to fully cover it. Allo Surbey, 35, from Senegal, plans to make a repeat visit: "It was the first time I visited the RUSSIA EXPO and it was just amazing to learn about culture, technology, education. I will continue to visit and explore the RUSSIA EXPO to learn more about Russia. Russia is just beautiful, it's really incredible".

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

Members of the delegation represent 147 countries, including Serbia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Madagascar, Turkey, UAE, Germany, Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Belarus, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Montenegro, Algeria, Kyrgyz Republic, Paraguay, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Colombia, Ecuador and others.

From February 29 to March 7, they participated in the events of the World Youth Festival, held in the World Youth City, specially created on the Sirius Federal Territory in the Krasnodar region. After the main program was over, the Festival did not close, but moved to the format of the regional program, part of which was a visit to the Exposition.

Over the next few weeks foreign participants of the Festival will visit more than 30 cities of Russia. Among them are Hero Cities and Cities of Military Glory, the largest industrial, technological and scientific-educational centers, their universities and enterprises. The guests will also visit the new regions of the Russian Federation.

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