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Open shows: new collections of Russian designers at the RUSSIA EXPO

Open shows: new collections of Russian designers at the RUSSIA EXPO
Expo News
Photo: Alexey Filippov/Fotohost-RIA News agency

Moscow Fashion Week kicked off at the RUSSIA EXPO with open shows - new collections were presented by designers from Vladivostok, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Sochi, Lysva, Gorodets and Nizhny Novgorod.

IMSAY studio (Gorodets)

IMSAY studio brand from Gorodets, one of the oldest Russian towns on the Middle Volga, works in the style of adapted conceptual oriental aesthetics. The new collection DAO (literally translated from Chinese as "the way") echoes the brand's philosophy - timeless clothing and design. Asymmetry, minimalism with subtle but noticeable details prevail in the models: flared sleeves with slits, wide belts with straps, traditional handmade woven Chinese buttons. The designer adheres to the ideas of conscious fashion, individual approach, so all things are not tied to the season or time, they have a universal design. The color palette is calm, the cut is free - all this allows adapting the brand's models to the everyday closet.

KUZMA by Natalia Kuzmenko (Vladivostok)

Vladivostok-based brand KUZMA by Natalia Kuzmenko showed its collection "Palette of Changes". The collection is mainly made of natural fabrics such as suit and coat wool, corduroy, cotton. The combination of old money, grunge and baroque styles gives the clothes sophistication and refinement. Designer Natalia Kuzmenko is faithful to the set course: aristocratic aesthetics forever. Despite the feminine tight silhouettes, minis, transparent textures, deep colors, the models look laconic and suitable for both evening and everyday looks. Sleeves deserve special attention, the designer experimented with their shape and decoration, long ones were trimmed with fur, and short ones were complemented with contrasting high gloves.

Photo: Moscow Fashion Week press office

LeNeS brand (Nizhny Novgorod)

LeNeS brand was founded in 2019 in Nizhny Novgorod by designer Elena Nesterova. The trademark of the brand is women's business suits, which do not lose their relevance from season to season. The new collection uses mostly natural fabrics. The show itself could be divided into two parts: relaxed double suits for everyday looks and evening jacket dresses, suits with transparent floor-length skirts. Each model was complemented by a bright accent: classic or rhinestone fringe, large contrasting brooch flowers, memorable accessories. The last outfit was a long red dress with open shoulders and back.


For more than ten years the brand IVANOVA from Sochi has been creating clothes for men and women in the style of utilitarian minimalism with light romantic accents. The new collection 354 URBAN CODE is a universal summer capsule, which is suitable for those who work or vacation in a resort town. Pastel colors such as gray, lavender, plum are complemented with bright elements: contrast ribbons-ties, massive flower-shaped brooches. The brand managed to convey the seaside theme without direct quotation: sea stones braided by hand turned into pendants, glass shards polished by the sea were transformed into bracelets, and the delicate color scheme became a kind of reminder of the year-round blooming city of Sochi. Light, breathable fabrics - linen, cotton, silk, viscose - are not only suitable for the warm season, but also on a tactile level embody the relaxed aesthetics of the resort.

Photo: Moscow Fashion Week press office

EFR FASHION (Chelyabinsk)

The collection of EFR FASHION brand was remarkable for its contrasting colors: combinations of coral and beige, black and green, white and gold. Strict silhouettes combined with femininity of the models were in the epicenter of attention of the guests of the open shows at the RUSSIA EXPO.

OA.CLTH (Samara)

The final show of the second day of Moscow Fashion Week at the RUSSIA EXPO, Pavilion No. 75 of VDNH, was the presentation of the handmade clothing brand OA.CLTH. Designers from Samara adhere to the sustainable concept. The presented collection fit into the concept of "timelessness", which makes the created looks retain their relevance for a long time and supports a conscious approach to consumption.

The OA.CLTH collection presented at the second Moscow Fashion Week consisted of knitted garments. They were created using a unique production technology with the addition of silk thread. On the catwalk the models presented off-season comfortable looks made of natural materials.

Svetlana Badanina (Lysva)

Svetlana Badanina brand from Lysva presented a bright feminine spring-summer 2024 collection. With the help of colorblocking technique designer Svetlana Badanina conveyed the colors of India and the water world of Phuket. Acid yellow dresses were decorated with fake fur, rich blue dresses were adorned with sequins or floral applique. The designer paid much attention to headwear: lace kerchiefs, playful berets with floral prints, tall Slavic bimbo style hats - combined with transparent silhouette dresses, light fitted coats with contrasting fake fur trim.

Photo: Moscow Fashion Week press office

Everyone can visit the shows at the International RUSSIA EXPO in Pavilion No. 75 at VDNH from March 2 to March 8. You can also watch live broadcasts of the shows on the official website of Moscow Fashion Week. Recordings of the shows are available in the official VKontakte community. The guests of the event will see more than 30 more shows of designers from different regions in Russia. Designers will come from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kostroma, Novosibirsk, Ulyanovsk and other cities to present their collections at Moscow Fashion Week.

The final gala show will be held on March 8 - students of Russian fashion schools, including Kosygin Russian State University, Moscow Art and Industry Institute, National Institute of Design and METRICS Online Academy of Branding and Design, will present their best works. The event will be attended by the ethnic music band OTYKEN, which unites representatives of the indigenous peoples of Russia - Chulym, Ket, Selkup, Khakass and Dolgan.

The Moscow Fashion Week received 1038 applications from designers from 151 cities of 72 regions of Russia. The organizer is the Fashion Fund with the support of the Moscow City Government.

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