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"A generation ready to ensure the development of the country's future": the concept of the future national project "Youth and Children" was presented at the Exposition

"A generation ready to ensure the development of the country's future": the concept of the future national project "Youth and Children" was presented at the Exposition
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Photo: Anatoliy Medved/Fotohost-RIA News agency

On May 12, the National Priorities Day "Youth and Children: Youth Policy and Education", a plenary session of the same name was held at the International RUSSIA EXPO in Pavilion No. 75.

Ksenia Razuvaeva, head of Rosmolodezh, noted in her opening speech: "The national project is a very big step for our entire field and a huge foundation for the future of our country. I must say that this step is quite consistent, logical, because over the past few years we have witnessed the development of youth policy, very close, sensitive attention of the President of our country to this topic and to the desires, needs, aspirations of young people". 

The head of Rosmolodezh told that in recent years all measures to support young people have been grouped into federal projects of the "Education" national project and now the logical continuation and result of these systematic steps and the consolidation of the state, society and young people themselves is the development of a specialized "Youth and Children" national project.

Ksenia Razuvaeva added that the national project is being developed simultaneously with the Strategy of Implementation of Youth Policy for the period up to 2030, the creation of which was one of the Orders of the President of Russia on the results of the State Council on Youth Policy in 2022. According to her, the national project "Youth and Children" will be a key tool for the fulfillment of the Strategy.

The head of Rosmolodezh named the goal of the national project as "the creation of a generation of young Russians - responsible, highly moral, competitive and ready to ensure the development of the future of our country". Among the tasks are the development of social and personnel elevators, creation of conditions for self-realization of young people, for the development of volunteerism, civic activity, international youth cooperation, promotion of our traditional spiritual and moral values, Russian language abroad, modernization of infrastructure.

Speaking about the principles of work on the creation of the national project, the development of its concept, Ksenia Razuvaeva named the key one - interdepartmental, intersectoral and ecosystem character of work: more than 30 agencies are responsible executors of the national project, and they will be in direct contact with two other national projects announced by the President, "Family" and "Personnel". The head of Rosmolodezh also named the co-authorship of young people themselves, who are the focus of the national project - more than 4 thousand proposals were made on the State Services by citizens of Russia, including more than 3 thousand from citizens under 35 years old.

"The speech about the upbringing of the younger generation is the key thing in the concept of the "Youth and Children"national project. We can rightfully be proud of our system of upbringing: now it has a fundamental origin. This is, of course, those directions and systemic approaches that have been developed in recent years. Since 2020, in accordance with the President's Instruction, we have completely restructured the system of educational work of the school. It is based on the provisions of the National Security Strategy and the Decree on Strengthening Traditional Spiritual and Moral Values. There is a unified calendar of educational work in all schools. In 2024, the Year of the Family will be celebrated, and educational policy in all schools in this and subsequent years will be aimed at strengthening family values," said Alexander Bugaev, First Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation.

Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, spoke about the main tasks and approaches of work that will be used within the framework of the future “Youth and Children” national project.

"The key task we set for ourselves is to create such a value immunity in our students so that no viruses that try to penetrate them could ever succeed in doing so. And that this value framework would be strong, powerful. This can be achieved only by joining our efforts, because we - each of us within our competencies - create something that makes the solution of any ambitious tasks possible, and the impossible becomes quickly achievable and real. Undoubtedly, the "Youth and Children" national project is the key and landmark for achieving these tasks. And the federal projects that have been defined will allow us to strengthen the activities that are more substantial and significant for our youth. The task that universities and the scientific community are facing is to graduate a student who understands that a lot depends on them, that they are significant and important. And also, to strengthen the knowledge that they acquire. This is technological sovereignty, value sovereignty," emphasized Olga Petrova.

Grigory Gurov spoke about the ways in which the activities of the Movement of the First can be integrated into the concept of various federal projects within the framework of the "Youth and Children" national project. For example, the Chairman of the Board of the Movement of the First spoke about the following projects: “The Pearl”, on which we are based and are basing, in principle, the value formation of the Movement, "Bolshaya Peremena" (lit. "Big School Break"/"Big Change") with the principle of co-authorship and the motto that children in the competition are not evaluated, but valued - this is what goes further into the work of the Movement, for us it is fundamentally important”. He also paid attention to a large part of the work related to grant support, the "University Shifts" project, as well as many other joint initiatives of the Movement.

Dmitry Artyukhov, Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, Chairman of the State Council Commission on the direction of "Youth Policy", spoke about the way the work with regions and municipalities will be structured during the implementation of the future national project.

"We understand that all these very important ambitious tasks will fall on the shoulders of the leaders in the regions, and the direct work will be done by very modest in its composition, in number, youth policy teams already on the ground, in the municipalities. And it is very important, when discussing high-level goals, to understand what the decomposition will look like, to show how this work will actually be organized and, of course, to hear the voices of the regions. We have already formed a wonderful set of practices over the years. They should be replicated, and, of course, our country should be recognized as much as possible," said Dmitry Artyukhov.

Among the experts at the plenary session were Mikhail Kiselev, State Duma deputy and First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy; Yulia Uzhakina, Director General of ANO Corporate Academy of Rosatom, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of Rosmolodezh and Chairman of the Commission on Professional Navigation of the Public Council of Rosmolodezh; Irina Karikh, Deputy Director General of the Russian Society “Knowledge”; Director of the Department of Regional Policy, Education and Project Management of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Svetlana Yermakova; as well as Director of the Department of State Youth Policy and Educational Activities of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia Dmitry Pokrovsky, Vice-Rector of the NRU HSE Dmitry Zemtsov, and representatives of the public and commercial sectors.

The National Priorities Day, dedicated to the opportunities for youth and children in the country, united more than 7 thousand people. More than 100 events will be held on thematic platforms, demonstrating the directions of six federal projects of the concept of the future national project "Youth and Children". The event will be attended by 150 speakers, 500 volunteers and 200 guides.

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