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Because we are family: Rostelecom launches a social movie project at the Exposition

Because we are family: Rostelecom launches a social movie project at the Exposition
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Photo: Press Office of the RUSSIA EXPO

In the Year of the Family, Rostelecom launches a new social movie project "Because We Are Family". The main heroes will be ordinary people who will share personal stories about themselves and their families. Rostelecom will turn their touching stories into movie revelations - mini-films at the intersection of documentary journalism, psychology and feature films. Before the launch of the project, a dance flashmob to the anthem of the Year of the Family "The Main Thing is Family" performed by Russian singer and composer Irina Dubtsova took place at the Rostelecom stand at the International RUSSIA EXPO EXPO.

Twice a week, the Wink cinema-lecture hall (a joint venture of Rostelecom and National Media Group) at the RUSSIA EXPO will turn into a live movie studio where everyone will be able to share their innermost feelings and thoughts about their relatives and friends. The studio "Because We Are Family" will create mini-movies up to four minutes long with poignant personal confessions from these stories. The movies will not have professional actors, scripts and directing. Instead, they will be stories that everyone can understand, worldly wisdom and an attempt to make sense of complex feelings. The main roles will be played by the invisible heroes of their own families. Often self-doubting good moms and dads, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters: everyone who tries to protect the family and serve as an example to their children. Everyone can become a hero of the movie revelation, just fill out the questionnaire on the website and pass the selection. Filming will last from May 16 to July 4, 2024.

"We really liked the idea of this movie project and its unique, live format with personal stories of the heroes. Honest content always evokes interest and trust in viewers. And, perhaps, these mini-movies will be of real use to someone, will give valuable hints and support. We will definitely show the most interesting clips on the official resources of the National Projects of Russia, - said Sofia Malyavina, General Director of ANO National Priorities. - And we will be glad to see Rostelecom's team among the participants of the special nomination of the Our Contribution National Award dedicated to the Year of the Family. In the new award season, we plan to separately recognize media projects and communication campaigns united by a common idea: "Family is a foothold and a source of happiness".

The movie revelations of our heroes will be posted on the project website, where you can support the participants or send an e-mail postcard to your family and friends with the most precious words. For this purpose, a special constructor has been created on the site, which allows you to upload an image and write the text of the postcard or choose it from ready-made templates.

Photo: Press Office of the RUSSIA EXPO

Anastasia Zvyagina, Deputy Director General of the RUSSIA EXPO, noted that the implementation of this project on the platforms of the Exposition is a logical and consistent decision, as this is where families from all over RUSSIA EXPO gather.

"Our Exposition is the main family place of the country. It is here that the live movie studio “Because We Are Family" will open. In light of the Year of the Family taking place in Russia, which was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin at our Exposition, this project is of particular importance. We are grateful to Rostelecom for such a bright and unusual initiative," said Anastasia Zvyagina.

Singer and composer Irina Dubtsova, who sang the anthem of the Year of the Family "The Main Thing is Family" said that she believes that the flash mob held at the Exposition in honor of the launch of the film project helped Russian families to get even closer and get unforgettable emotions.

"As a friend of the Year of the Family, I participate in the most colorful, large-scale cultural events timed to coincide with this initiative. The flash mob is one of such projects. It united people of different ages, and there was an atmosphere of festivity, unity and common joy. For the participants, the dance flash mob became an interesting event that left vivid impressions and pleasant joint memories. Russia now has more than 24.5 million families, and this large number continues to grow. The flash mob as a part of the big social movie project "Because We Are Family" is called to support Russian families and traditions in the Year of Family," said Irina Dubtsova.

According to Kira Kiryukhina, Vice President for External Communications of Rostelecom, the movie project is of great social significance and is able to touch the most sensitive corners of the soul.

"Rostelecom is technology for everyone, and we decided to show the importance of family values through everyday work for the benefit of the family. The new social movie project will give everyone an opportunity to say the most important words to their relatives and friends. Open conversations about feelings help to find support, to appreciate daily care and sometimes to see real love. Everyone has a story about something they don't talk about out loud: either they don't have time, or it's too late, or "it's obvious". But if you do decide to tell about yourself and your family, we will support you and listen to you with warmth and attention. Your stories can make someone happier or even save someone's life. We are waiting for you in our live movie studio "Because We Are Family. Your feelings are important!" noted Kira Kiryukhina.

As part of the "Because We Are Family" project, Russian Post together with Rostelecom issued a special series of postcards dedicated to caring for loved ones. In the "World of Digit" pavilion at the Russian Post booth, you will be able to sign and send a real postcard free of charge. More themed postcards can be found in the "Because We Are Family" section of the Post Market service.

The partners of the project are: the Ministry of Digitization of Russia, the ANO "National Priorities", the organizing committee of the Year of the Family, Russian Post, and the RUSSIA EXPO. Project hashtag is #потомучтомысемья (#becausewearefamily).

Address of the live movie studio at the RUSSIA EXPO: Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion E, exposition "World of Digit", Wink cinema (pavilion next to the Friendship of Peoples fountain). Admission is free.

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