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A brown loaf, a wishing tree and a candlelit evening. Spring expositions updates

A brown loaf, a wishing tree and a candlelit evening. Spring expositions updates
Expo News
Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

The RUSSIA EXPO continues its spring update: the expositions of 89 regions of Russia, as well as the largest companies, state corporations and public organizations of our country are regularly preparing to meet the visitors in order to surprise them every day with new events and pleasant surprises. Here's what you can see at the RUSSIA EXPO in the coming days.

During the entire run of the exposition, the Lipetsk region represents each of its eighteen districts. They bring their folk crafts, masterclasses and souvenir products to Moscow. In these spring days, the stand is presenting the Dobrinsky district, one of the most fertile in the region. It is not surprising that the guests of the exposition are hospitably welcomed by a large brown loaf decorated with picturesque sheaves of wheat. The questions of the educative quiz, in which anyone can take part, are largely devoted to bread.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

The spring awakening of nature is a great time for traveling: this is the opinion of the stand of the Belgorod region. In the format of contests, quizzes and other interesting interactives the guests are introduced to the tourist potential of the region. The thematic Tourism Week at the exposition will be replaced by the Week of the small town of Alekseevka - the easternmost town of the region, which also has a lot to see. For example, in the city neighborhoods there are remains of settlements that have the status of archeological monuments of regional importance.

At the stand of one of the most "space" regions - the Kaluga region - there appeared an impressive-sized cosmonaut with a rocket, which is already being photographed by visitors of the RUSSIA EXPO. It is designed to attract the attention of guests to the upcoming Tsiolkovsky International Film and Space Programs Festival, which will start in Kaluga on April 12 on the Cosmonautics Day.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

With the arrival of spring, another "space" stand - the exposition of the Samara region - offers not only new activities, but also interesting exhibits: guests will see a small spacecraft - satellite AIST ST of Samara University, a robot of the Tesvel company stacking cubes, a simulator for assembling the NK-8 engine and 3D printers. Visitors can also enjoy a 3D tour of the museum of PJSC UDC "Kuznetsov" in VR-glasses, quizzes, masterclasses and a daily "flight" of the rocket into virtual outer space. And, of course, symbolizing the spring mood, the stand is decorated with fresh flowers and compositions of dried flowers.

The stand of the Nizhny Novgorod region has undergone major changes over the last week. A thematic photo zone decorated with dresses of the peoples of the world has been opened here on a regular basis. In addition, guests of the RUSSIA EXPO can get acquainted with the exposition dedicated to the great women who made a tremendous contribution to the development of the Nizhny Novgorod land.

At the stand of the Tyumen region, the map of Russia has been transformed - now it is made of a traditional Tyumen pile carpet. And thanks to the touch screen, the guests of the exposition can take photos against the background of the region's sights.

The exposition of the Novosibirsk region now features a model of the SKIF complex being built in the Koltsovo science city, as well as a panel for a Rubik's Cube, which can be assembled by any visitor to the stand. Here you can also find out about the state of your health - a breathing gas analyzer is installed at the stand.

The next thematic season at the St. Petersburg stand is dedicated to the industrial potential and technological achievements of the Northern Capital from its inception to the present day. Guests will be able to take part in a masterclass on porcelain painting, take memorable photos in the "Photo Zone of the Future" and even see dancing robots.

At the exposition of the Krasnodar region there is a presentation of Dinsky district, the main purpose of which is to acquaint the visitors of the RUSSIA EXPO with the peculiarities and flavor of Cossack life, bright original culture, rich traditions, rural life. The program includes Cossack-themed quizzes and masterclasses: for example, guests can try themselves in the techniques of hand weaving and Kuban embroidery, make interior flowers and brooches from leather.

The stand of the Vologda region will welcome visitors with the Bird of Happiness - the symbol of the region. It will be painted on a blooming spring meadow.

Photo: Maxim Blinov/RIA News

Those who have not been to classical music concerts for a long time will be entertained at the stand of the Stavropol region by soloists of the Stavropol Regional Philharmonic Society. The improvised stage is decorated in the best traditions of romantic dates accompanied by a cultural program: delicate flowers, a table for two, lit candles. An excellent spring decoration of the stand is also a blossoming tree with a stork holding a bundle with a baby in its beak. According to legends, this magical bird brings luck in family affairs. For this, everyone should touch the roots of the tree and, having imagined the whole family, mentally thank them for your life.

And, of course, the magic "Money Tree", which appeared at the exposition of the Republic of Bashkortostan, causes quite a stir among the RUSSIA EXPO guests wishing to improve their financial situation or fulfill any other dream. If you take a souvenir five thousand bill from the stand representatives, write a wish on it, and then place the "money" on one of the branches, your wish will definitely come true, the exposition organizers assure.

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