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The series of screenings "Films about the Main Things" at the RUSSIA EXPO continued with the legendary film "Moscow-Cassiopeia"

The series of screenings "Films about the Main Things" at the RUSSIA EXPO continued with the legendary film "Moscow-Cassiopeia"
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Photo: Ivan Semenets/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

The RUSSIA EXPO continued the series of screenings of "Films about the Main Things". The guests of the Exposition were presented the legendary sci-fi film "Moscow-Cassiopeia" directed by Richard Viktorov. Gosfilmfond, the main archive and keeper of Russian films, was a partner of the show.

The movie was released in 1973, and a year later the second part of the dilogy was added to it under the title "Teenagers in the Universe". At the time of its release, the movie became very successful, winning a number of awards — including an award at the Trieste International Science Fiction Film Festival, a prize at the Moscow International Film Festival, and the Platero Award at the Gijon International Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Richard Viktorov was one of the founders of the Soviet film sci-fi school, said Yevgeny Kharitonov, head of literary projects at the Russian State Library for Youth, writer, literary and film historian.

Photo: Ivan Semenets/Press service of the RUSSIA EXPO

"Richard Viktorov approached the science fiction genre in a very professional, serious way, with an understanding of the specifics. He strived to create a full-fledged school of this direction. The movie "Moscow-Cassiopeia" was a colossal success, gained cult status — including abroad. He collected all imaginable and unthinkable awards. The picture is in no way outdated even today. It includes technical innovations, which were admired, for example, by Steven Spielberg," said Evgeny Kharitonov.

Anna Viktorova, daughter of the film's director Richard Viktorova, who played the role of Milka Okorokova in the movie, also talked to the guests of the screening.

Photo: Anatoly Medved/RIA News

"Science fiction develops dreams, is a good support for technical thought: people, inventing something, dream of realizing it. In his films, Richard Nikolaevich was guided by the attitude: there must be truth in the shot. And the viewer must believe in what is happening on the screen. Everything we see in the movie is surprisingly real," said Anna Viktorova.

On May 25, the next session in the series "Films about the Main Things" will be held, it will be dedicated to the 1980 film "Through Thorns to the Stars", directed by Richard Viktorov. The screenwriter of the movie about the meeting of cosmonauts with the inhabitants of other planets was the famous Soviet sci-fi writer Kir Bulychev. The film was shown in more than 40 countries around the world, and director Ridley Scott twice flew to Russia and visited Mosfilm to learn how its scenes were filmed and sets were created.

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