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Teleport to Kamchatka. The land of the rising sun opened the Days of Regions of the RUSSIA EXPO

Teleport to Kamchatka. The land of the rising sun opened the Days of Regions of the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Grigoriy Sysoev/RIA News

The Kamchatka region was the first to present its exposition during the Days of Regions, which take place from November 9 to January 14 at the International RUSSIA EXPO. 

"In Kamchatka we are the first to meet a new day. Kamchatka is the land of the rising sun, as President Vladimir Putin called it during his trip to the region last year. We are the first to meet the sun and we want to share it with the whole country and transmit it to all other regions. Together with our Kamchatka sun we want to share inspiration, hope for the best, our energy, which Kamchatka is imbued with. We are proud of our nature. In Kamchatka, volcanoes meet the ocean. For me, Kamchatka is the region of the future, because here we are building the economy that will be implemented in the coming years and decades around the world, an economy that is based on careful treatment of natural resources, on their preservation, saving them for future generations," said Vladimir Solodov, Governor of the Kamchatka region.

Development of the tourism industry

The head of the region presented tourism projects that are the drivers of development of the Kamchatka region - four locations of all-season resorts included in the master plan of the macro-region "Far East". Kozyrevskoye settlement and Milkovsky district were chosen for their creation: this is a tourist and logistics hub, where the comfortable roads already exist. The other locations are Zelenovskie Ozerki and Malki: balneological tourism is being developed there. 

They will create residential areas and quiet recreation areas for tourists here, as well as introduce a format of safe extreme sports for the whole family and build infrastructure for children. A base camp for hiking and extreme entertainment, active recreation and festivals, tourist equipment rentals will appear in Milkovka.

Tourist flow is growing annually: in 2022 about 339 thousand travelers visited Kamchatka. The growth of investment in the industry is also noticeable: over the past six years, private investors have invested about 5 billion rubles, 60 tourist accommodation facilities have been created. Today a grandiose tourist cluster of the world level is being created - the park "Three Volcanoes" that borders with untouched natural territories. The project will include a tourist complex on the Vilyuchinsky volcano, the Mutnovsky Volcano geopark, a marine passenger terminal, several glamping sites and park hotels.

Fishing industry development

The development of fishing industry in the Kamchatka region is not lagging behind tourism. Vladimir Solodov emphasized that 21 vessels are being built for the needs of the region.

"Shipbuilding, which has been stagnating on the peninsula for a long time, has received a second wind. We now pay special attention to the quality and comfort of the fleet. The way we have arranged the captain's chair and deckhouse on new vessels is not done anywhere else. We are implementing a number of projects aimed at reconstruction of berths in the seaport, creation of ship repair, logistics and industry-supporting enterprises. The goal of the project is to form a single complex in the waters of Avacha Bay to provide repair services to fishing, transport and military fleets," the Governor said. 

The achievements of the industry in 2023 include the second largest caviar catch in the history of observations: 600 thousand tons, 84% of the total Far Eastern catch, as well as a quarter of the country's processed fish production and more than 40% of the Far East's fish products. At the region's stand, visitors to the exposition can taste Kamchatka delicacies and find differences from the usual ones.

Teleport to Kamchatka

"We hope that after passing through the teleport at the stand, guests will certainly decide to repeat this journey. It will soon become even easier to visit Kamchatka. Creation of the airfield infrastructure - airfield apron, aircraft parking lots, service road, engineering and access communications - has been completed at the Kamchatka airport that is now being under construction. The new terminal will increase the air terminal's capacity. At the moment the capacity of the existing airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a limiting factor of the region's competitiveness," said the head of the Kamchatka region.

Over the five days of the exposition, Kamchatka's stand was visited by more than 50 thousand people, which is about a quarter of the entire population of the region.

"This exposition is not only made by hands, it contains the heart and soul of the region, that is why the exposition has already managed to become one of the most visited at the RUSSIA EXPO over the five days of work. The teleport to the amazing region was personally presented by the Governor. Let me remind you that this exposition has been created by entire Russia and we thank everyone who contributed to its opening," praised the exposition of the Kamchatka region Natalia Virtuozova, Director General of the ANO «Directorate of the Exhibition of Achievements "Russia"». 

The International RUSSIA EXPO is the most important achievements of the country gathered at one venue. Visitors are presented expositions of 89 regions of Russia, leading federal departments, corporations and public organizations. 

The guests are also welcomed with cultural and entertainment events, a rich business and educational program. Representatives of the federal authorities, major corporations, public associations and foreign countries take part in the exposition. The International RUSSIA EXPO will run until April 12, 2024.

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