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Vladimir Putin met with organizers and staff of the RUSSIA EXPO

Vladimir Putin met with organizers and staff of the RUSSIA EXPO
Expo News
Photo: Geodakyan, TASS

President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the organizers, staff and representatives of the participants of the International RUSSIA EXPO. The Head of State visited it on its final day, July 8.

During the meeting, he thanked the Exposition team and its participants for their work and noted the enormous interest it generated among the country's residents - 18.5 million people visited it. Meanwhile, after the Exposition's extension on April 12, 7.5 million people attended.

"We have a lot to show, and we have a lot to be proud of. But that's not all. It's also important to present it beautifully and skillfully. And you have succeeded in this. Thank you very much," Vladimir Putin addressed the meeting participants.

Now, conditions must be created to showcase what the country is doing, what it lives by, and what it achieves. In this regard, a decision was made to establish the Russia National Centre with branches in the regions.


"It should be - I would like it to be as vibrant as you have managed to do it here. In this context, I very much rely on the team you have formed to be involved in continuing this joint work. Someone here [among the attendees] said: we have things to protect. And this is very important. It is very important to feel this ourselves, to show it to our country and to all our well-wishers - and they are the majority in the world - what we can achieve and what we are achieving thanks to the hard work and talent of our people," noted Vladimir Putin.

During the meeting, representatives from regions, federal executive bodies, media and Exposition staff highlighted the platform's impact on the country's life. Specifically, they noted that the unique platform for dialogue and exchange of experiences that elevated interactions among regions, authorities and the population to a new level was created here. Additionally, they underscored the Exposition’s positive influence on youth.

"The RUSSIA EXPO is an unprecedented event globally in terms of duration, content and the number of events. It has already been visited by 18.5 million people. We are grateful to you for extending the Exposition: people were very pleased about this. We conducted social surveys, and 99% of our guests, after visiting the stands and exhibits, say: 'We feel proud of our country!' And 98% confidently look towards their future, because they live in the most advanced country in the world," said Natalia Virtuozova, Director General of the RUSSIA EXPO.

Photo: Geodakyan, TASS

On July 1, President Vladimir Putin signed an order to establish the Russia National Centre to preserve the Exposition’s legacy and showcase the country's achievements. Alexander Molchanov, Head of the "Legacy" contour at the ANO «DEA "Russia"», invited President Vladimir Putin to a science fiction symposium "Creating the Future" proposed to be held within the National Centre.

"We have indeed begun to dream about what the National Centre should be like. When Natalia Sergeyevna and I conducted a series of screenings of Soviet science fiction films in this hall, many young people watched films like 'Moscow-Cassiopeia', 'Through Thorns to the Stars', 'Planet of Storms' for the first time. The last film from 1961 was recognized as groundbreaking worldwide. Within the framework of the National Centre's first project, we would like to once again start inventing the future. We invite you to the International Science Fiction Symposium 'Creating the Future'. Thank you," said Alexander Molchanov.

Rifat Yumaev, Head of the Flow Management contour, described the work at the Exposition as a grandiose experience.

"At this Exposition, we had an incredible experience managing a flow of 18.5 million people — something unbelievable. But working with such bright, open, amazing visitors was very easy for us, and it seemed like everything was manageable. People came to us in extreme cold, rain and heat with their whole families, singing songs, dancing, and even reading poems by great Russian poets together with our volunteers while standing in queues. Throughout this extensive period of the Exposition, we have not encountered a single instance where someone wanted to spoil any exhibit. I believe this is a unique indicator because it reflects the reverence and warm attitude people have towards the achievements of our great country," Rifat Yumaev said.

Earlier, the Head of State visited the Exposition four times. On December 4, he acquainted himself with the exposition "First in Russia — Land of Opportunity". On December 17, the President inspected the stands of regions in Pavilion No. 75. On January 23, Vladimir Putin launched the Year of the Family in Russia at the RUSSIA EXPO. On February 1, Vladimir Putin met with participants of the Movement of the First Congress.

The International RUSSIA EXPO showcased the country's most significant achievements gathered at a single venue. Throughout the Exposition, guests enjoyed cultural events, a rich business program and educational activities. Expositions from 89 regions of Russia, leading federal agencies, corporations and public organizations were presented to visitors.

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Expo News
Expo News
Expo News
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