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The Arctic, Vyatka lizards and a femme fatale await viewers at the movies this weekend

The Arctic, Vyatka lizards and a femme fatale await viewers at the movies this weekend
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Photo: Ilya Pitalev/RIA News

The RUSSIA EXPO continues free screenings of feature and documentary films, as well as cartoons for children. On Saturday and Sunday, guests will be able to watch movies about travel, dinosaurs and Arctic expeditions. 


A documentary about the life of Russian explorers and travelers - the Potanin couple. Grigory Potanin, the greatest explorer of Asia of the XIX century, who was one of the first to study the ethnography of Asian peoples, explored unknown regions of Central Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, Uriankhai region, Altai, Tien Shan. His wife Alexandra Potanina was always by his side. She left behind valuable essays on the family structure of Asian peoples, on the role of women in the family, on the upbringing of children. For Grigory Potanin, Alexandra became a wife and a muse of distant travels, and he opened the way to science for her, which she had dreamed of since her youth.

Pavilion C, April 6, 18:00-18:53


Dazzling beauty Serena marries successful industrialist George Pemberton. The happy couple rule the Pembertons' logging empire, and it seems there is nothing and no one who can stand in the way of their marriage full of tenderness and passion. But past secrets and jealousy are as dangerous as the natural disaster. A romantic thriller starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Pavilion E, April 6, 19:00 - 20:50


During the day at the Kirov region's stand, films about the Vyatka Paleontology Museum and excavations at the sites of ancient lizards will be shown. Visitors to the RUSSIA EXPO are invited to take a fascinating journey into the world of ancient animals that inhabited our planet long before man appeared.

Pavilion 75, April 7, 10.00-22.00


On April 7 in the lecture hall of Pavilion 15 of VDNH, a cinema hall for children and adults will work in honor of the Day of Russian Animation. The guests will be shown Soviet cartoons: "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" (directed by Tsekhanovsky, 1950), "The Pipe and the Jug" (directed by V. Gromov, 1950), "Peacock's Tail" (directed by L. Amalric, V. Polkovnikov, 1946), "Chuka the Beaver" (directed by A. Khintibidze, G. Chmutov, 1951).

Pavilion 15, April 7, 14:45 - 15:45


Thousands of nautical miles on a ship, extreme weather conditions, real scientific work, marine mammals and birds of the Arctic Ocean, absolute isolation from the outside world - these are only some of the circumstances in which the protagonists of the movie will find themselves.

Experienced scientists and researchers, who have been beyond the Arctic Circle more than once, and yesterday's students, who have found themselves in such conditions for the first time - all of them will have to cross the 80th parallel and reach the northernmost islands of Russia.

Pavilion I, April 7, 15:45 - 16:35

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Войти с помощью изображения лица (биометрии) можно, только если вы уже сдавали биометрию
Например, в мобильном приложении «Госуслуги Биометрия», в отделении ПАО «Банк ВТБ», на выставке в Павильоне №71
вход с помощью биометрии
Для использования изображения лица (биометрии) необходимо дать согласие, для этого вы будете перенаправлены на портал «Госуслуги»
Например, в мобильном приложении «Госуслуги Биометрия» , в отделении ПАО «Банк ВТБ», на выставке в Павильоне №71
Да, продолжить
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Пожалуйста убедитесь, что у вас сдана биометрия, проверить можно с помощью мобильного приложения «Госуслуги Биометрия»
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