Small Motherland is the strength of Russia: Vladimir Putin awarded municipal officials

Small Motherland is the strength of Russia: Vladimir Putin awarded municipal officials
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Photo: Pavel Bednyakov/RIA News

Vladimir Putin took part in the award ceremony for the winners of the Service Prize on the sidelines of the All-Russian Municipal Forum Small Motherland - the Strength of Russia.

"We often say that the municipal government is closest to the people. Of course, this is true. The quality of everyday life of our citizens directly depends on it. And I want to reiterate again: it is the municipal level, local government that determines the image of our large country, the way people see their present and future. I know that the main events of the forum were held at the RUSSIA EXPO, where everything that our country can rightfully be proud of is presented in a grand and fascinating way. And I think you felt that these achievements are the result of our work and, above all, of your work, dear friends", -  the President emphasized.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/RIA News

Vladimir Putin said that the decree on the establishment of the honorary title Merited Local Self-Government Worker of the Russian Federation has been signed.

"It is important that as many people as possible, including young people, feel in demand at all levels of public administration and, of course, become part of the municipal community", - the head of state emphasized.

Vladimir Putin noted that work in local government, certainly, requires special responsiveness, the ability to perceive problems in difficult situations, and to perceive them as their own, realizing that we are all acting for a common goal - the happiness and well-being of our native country, the future of our children.

"This is the meaning of serving the Motherland, fellow citizens, when the common good, belonging to the fate of the Fatherland and readiness to unite in moments of historical challenges is the highest value", - the head of state reminded.

The All-Russian Municipal Prize Service was established in accordance with the Presidential Instruction. It is awarded in 10 nominations to representatives of the municipal community who have made a significant contribution to solving issues of local importance and the development of local self-government. This year about 19 thousand applications from 89 subjects of the Russian Federation were considered.

We would like to remind you that on January 15, the All-Russian Municipal Forum SmallMotherland - the Strength of Russia was launched in Moscow on the site of the RUSSIA EXPO. For the first time, 7.5 thousand representatives of municipalities from 89 regions of the country gathered in one place.

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