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"Cities of Labor Valor. Forge of Effective Personnel" forum was launched at the RUSSIA EXPO

"Cities of Labor Valor. Forge of Effective Personnel" forum was launched at the RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: Press service of the Russian Society "Knowledge"

On April 25 in the lecture hall of the Russian Society "Knowledge" in the ATOM pavilion the All-Russian forum "Cities of Labor Valor. The Forge of Effective Personnel" was launched. Within two days, delegates from 63 cities awarded the honorary title of the Russian Federation "City of Labor Valor", as well as representatives of the state authorities, expert and business community, students and working youth will gather in several pavilions. Together they will determine the vectors of urban development in response to the challenges of the new time.

The opening session of the Forum was attended by: Sergei Novikov, Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects, Andrei Gneushev, Deputy Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Sergei Obozov, Deputy Director General for Production System Development of Rosatom State Corporation, Elena Malysheva, Director of the National Center for Historical Memory under the President of the Russian Federation, Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and Olga Petrova, Director of the Foundation for Development of Production Systems and Industrial Tourism.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the forum participants with a greeting.

"Your forum has gathered in Moscow delegations from all the cities awarded the honorary title "City of Labor Valor" — representatives of working dynasties, large industrial enterprises, cultural and educational institutions, students of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions. You will have to discuss a wide range of problems related to preserving the historical memory of the labor feat of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who during the Great Patriotic War, exceeding all plans and norms, worked at defence plants and transport, in mines and hospitals, providing the front with everything necessary. And in peacetime, the legendary generation of victors selflessly, heroically served the Motherland, built the power and dignity of the great power," President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin emphasized in his address.

"I am confident that the residents of the cities united by the high status of "Cities of Labor Valor" will continue to make a significant contribution to the development of Russia, strengthening the country's defence capability, educate young people on the inviolable values of continuity of generations, patriotism, citizenship, responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland, create conditions for personal, professional, creative self-realization of young countrymen," added the head of state.

The forum was organized by the Foundation for the Development of Production Systems and Industrial Tourism with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the RUSSIA EXPO. The organizers have prepared a rich program for the guests, which includes a set of business, educational, cultural and awareness-raising events.

The main concern is the younger generation, said Sergei Novikov, Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects. He emphasized that such a process as upbringing has returned to the education system.

"Historical experience says that upbringing is possible only by example. It is not enough to know about traditional values, you also need to live in accordance with these values. Cities of labor valor are very important in this system of upbringing, because there enterprises that are examples of creating technological production victories are concentrated," said Sergei Novikov.

Sergei Obozov, Deputy Director General of Rosatom State Corporation for Production System Development, noted that for 17 years the company's production system has become the production religion of the organization.

"Seven years ago, thanks to Sergei Kiriyenko, lean polyclinics first appeared — we took Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to such a polyclinic in Kirov, and now he wants the whole country to have such polyclinics. Now there are lean regions — 46 of them are definitely tackling this topic in one way or another. Three years ago, the term "lean consciousness" emerged. And Vladimir Putin introduced another term: not "leanness", but "safekeeping". Safekeeing methods should be transferred from production to the social sphere," said Sergei Obozov.

The key to a healthy future is historical memory, emphasized Olga Petrova, Deputy Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation.

"The key to fostering value immunity in students is active patriotism and creative labor. Young peole should be involved in socially significant projects. This shows their importance, their need for the country and their small homeland. The moment of completion of formation and strengthening of the value framework falls on the students. Therefore, a very important task is for young people to get information about the rich and authentic heritage of our history. Historical memory is the guarantee of a healthy future," said Olga Petrova.

Elena Malysheva, Director of the National Center for Historical Memory under the President of the Russian Federation, emphasized that production culture and adherence to its principles are essential aspects of national history and culture.

"During the Great Patriotic War a special production culture was formed. These are precisely our value guidelines, which today in many respects shape the future of the country and our worldview," added Elena Malysheva.

Andrei Gneushev, Deputy Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region, suggested the idea of special development of cities bearing the honorary title: "Cities of labor valor should become beacons for all others. After all, ideas are born there, new technologies are created and industry develops. Such cities also serve as an example for others, showing that with constant labor and perseverance one can achieve great success and overcome any difficulties".

In turn, Timur Siraev, Head of the Production Systems and Industrial Tourism Fund of Rosatom State Corporation, stressed the importance of the new career guidance program's tools: "We are developing and will continue to develop an absolutely new approach to career guidance of the younger generation. "Forge of Effective Personnel" is an innovative program that helps young people to define their goals and find their calling in the field of professional activity. Our goal is to create a new generation of qualified specialists with lean thinking, who will be ready for the challenges of the modern world and will be able to make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of society".

As part of the forum, on April 25, the Exposition hosts the sessions "Historical Memory and the Image of the Future of Cities of Labor Valor" and "One Country — One Victory. Presentation Session of Regional Methods and Practices". On April 26, sessions "Cities of Labor Valor — Beacons of Industrial Development", "Vocational Guidance 2.0: Historical Experience as a Tool and Means", "Creative Labor and Russian Traditional Values" and others will be held. There will also be a masterclass "Forge of Effective Personnel".

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