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Scientific and educational weekend at VEB.RF Pavilion at RUSSIA EXPO

Scientific and educational weekend at VEB.RF Pavilion at RUSSIA EXPO
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Photo: VEB.RF

On June 8, the VEB.RF Pavilion No. 59 "Cities for Life Come True" will host a scientific and educational day for the whole family.

At 16:00, a workshop will take place where participants will take their first steps in 3D modeling: they will learn to work with a 3D editor and create their first 3D model.

At 18:00, visitors to the RUSSIA EXPO are invited to the "Engineer’s Cabinet" workshop on aircraft modeling. Participants will be able to design their own airplane model and learn about the mechanics of aviation. The workshop will be conducted by Pavel Gaydukov, senior researcher and curator of the space collection at the Polytechnic Museum. What does it take to design airplanes? Why do they have noses, tails and wings? Why are most passenger airplanes white? The expert will help visitors find answers to these and many more questions. Participants will be able to create cardboard airplane models with their own hands and test them for durability, range, and speed of flight. All created models can be taken home.

At the popular science lecture "Polymers: How to Deliver Medicine Precisely and More," which will begin at 18:00, pavilion guests will learn how polymers have revolutionized modern medicine.

What can be used to replace joints? What are dissolvable surgical threads made of? And how can medicine be effectively delivered to the right spot in the body? The answer to all these questions is polymers, and Alexander Shefer, a graduate student from the Faculty of Chemistry at MSU, will provide detailed information on their applications and benefits.
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The first event of the Russia National Centre will be the International Science Fiction Symposium "Creating the Future"

The first event to be held at the Russia National Centre, which is being established by the order of President Vladimir Putin, will be the International Science Fiction Symposium and Exhibition "Creating the Future". The symposium will take place from November 4 to 6.

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"We flew for 8 hours, and it was worth it!": impressions of the guests at the RUSSIA EXPO

Tomorrow, the International RUSSIA EXPO will conclude its work. From November 2023 to July 2024, it was visited by more than 18 million guests.

Expo News
Star concerts, amazing meetings and grand processions: what the RUSSIA EXPO was like

Every day, for eight months, the RUSSIA EXPO delighted guests and gave unforgettable emotions. 

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