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Russian horror movies for export to China: why our cinema has fallen in love with the horror genre

Russian horror movies for export to China: why our cinema has fallen in love with the horror genre
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Photo: Alyona Yambayeva

Coping with fears, letting go of the past and even making money. A well-known film critic spoke at the RUSSIA EXPO about the benefits of the horror film genre for viewers and filmmakers.

The lecture by Nikolai Nikulin, journalist, TV presenter, film critic, social and political activist and writer, was a fascinating event in the World of Digits pavilion.

The quality of films Russian cinema produces increases with each passing year. And domestic horror and thrillers collect more and more money at the box office. For viewers, watching such movies is like a psychotherapy session.

"Any movie is first of all a comfortable pastime on the couch. Everything that happens there is not happening to you. You feel completely safe, but you empathize with the characters. This is the catharsis", - says the famous movie critic Nikolai Nikulin.

Photo: Alyona Yambayeva

According to Nikulin, while previously most horror movies scared with outside monsters, now filmmakers use the inner fears of the viewer. In addition, thanks to metaphors, the genre draws attention to social problems: from environmental disasters to racism and domestic violence, which in one way or another affect almost every country in the world. Not surprisingly, horror and thrillers are one of the most beneficial options for aspiring directors to make their debut.

Today, Russian horror films more often turn to Slavic mythology and the Soviet past, playing on nostalgia and interest to national roots. It's a surefire option, as there is demand for such movies not only among domestic viewers, but also abroad. Even Russian films that are not particularly successful in our country quite often do very well at the box office in Latin America or China.

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