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Sterlet with spelled cereal, pikeperch with mushrooms and molecular cuisine - masterclasses and tastings on January 14

Sterlet with spelled cereal, pikeperch with mushrooms and molecular cuisine - masterclasses and tastings on January 14
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The best chefs from the Yaroslavl region will introduce guests to fish dishes and Yaroslavl-style chicken pie - kurnik. The program also includes a masterclass on cocktails, tasting of products of the region's enterprises and a drawing of gifts.


• Yar'Ushki with fish.

• Nekrasov-style shchi with forest mushrooms.

• Sterlet with spelled cereal and mousse.

• Pikeperch and salmon with porcino mushrooms, stewed with potatoes in cream with roots and vegetables.

Yaroslavl-style kurnik.

TASTING of meat products, confectionery, drinks and other products from the Yaroslavl region.

The program also includes:

- creation of an oil painting on canvas Tastes of Yaroslavia

 - "Molecular cuisine" from the products of JSC VOLZHANIN.

- Drawing of alcohol products Golden Ring

 (OJSC Yaroslavsky Distillery)

VDNH, House of Russian Cuisine, January 14, 13.30.

Free admission

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