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Chuvash Republic

Chuvashia is the birthplace of cosmonaut No. 3 Andriyan Nikolayev, ballerina Nadezhda Pavlova and designer of naval flagships Alexey Krylov. Solar batteries and chemical products, tractors and knitwear, hops and candies from Chuvashia are known both in Russia and far beyond its borders.
The traditions of Chuvash embroidery were able to unite the whole country in the project "Embroidered Map of Russia".
The exposition of the republic is called "Chuvashia is Thankful". Its key art object is Tukhya. It is a headdress worn by Chuvash girls since ancient times. The art object reaches a height of 6 meters and is handmade by Chuvash craftsmen from 217 light elements that change color depending on what is happening at the exposition.
Inside Tukhya there is a VR zone. In it you will find yourself next to a huge oak tree "Kiremet". The Chuvash bogatyr Ulyp will tell you the legend about "Five sons of Khan Kubrat" and the main milestones of the establishment of Chuvashia.
On the left side there is a 3D-hologram zone. There is a three-dimensional image of Ivan Yakovlev, the enlightener of the Chuvash people. Thanks to him 150 years ago the republic got its alphabet with 37 letters. With the help of neural networks, the hologram answers any question.
To the right is the zone of sectoral interactives. Here different organizations of Chuvashia show the best developments that can be interacted with - from intraoral scanner to robot android "Serega".
Photo: Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Investment Development Agency of the Chuvash Republic"
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